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Skip Hire Near Me

4 Yard Skip


183cm (L) x 135cm  (W) x  92cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Small domestic refurbishments
  • DIY projects
  • Small garden clearances.
6 Yard Skip


260cm (L) x 170cm (W) x 107cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Domestic refurbishments
  • Home/office clear-outs
  • Small construction works.
8 Yard Skip


366cm (L) x 170cm (W) x 122cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Larger domestic projects
  • General construction works
  • Full office clear-outs
12 Yard Skip


370cm (L) x 175cm (W) x 183cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Major construction works
  • Office and retail clearouts
  • Large renovations.

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If you're in need of Stoke on Trent skip hire at the most competitive prices, JustHire can help. With our partner network of local skip suppliers, you can book the best cheap skip hire Stoke on Trent offers in a range of sizes, plus flexible delivery and collection! To hire a skip Stoke on Trent customers can enter their postcode for instant prices and to make a booking, and our friendly customer support team will be on hand to help if you need it.

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Our Stoke on Trent skip hire service is top-rated for speedy delivery and and reliable service. By booking with JustHire you benefit from competitively priced waste disposal as well as our:

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Skip Hire FAQs

Hiring a skip to dispose of your waste is a practical solution and, as long as what you're putting in it is not hazardous or contains any hazardous material, it should be okay. From metal, wood, tiles, ceramics and bricks to domestic and garden waste and non-electrical fixtures, sofas, furniture and carpets, most things are safe to dispose of in a skip.
No hazardous materials or items are allowed to be disposed of in a skip. This includes asbestos, chemicals, TVs, electronics, tyres, fridges and freezers. Hazardous waste must be disposed of in a safe and eco-friendly way in order to comply with safety regulations. Other examples of hazardous waste include gas cylinders, plasterboard and food waste. If you have any questions relating to cheap skip hire Stoke on Trent customers can get in touch with our team to discuss.
If a skip is to go on a public road or pavement then you will need a permit from your local council. A skip permit, which may come with a fee, will also need you to follow specific guidelines set by your local authority. These guidelines usually cover the size of the skip, where on the road it is placed, safety measures like warning lights and cones, and the timeframe it's allowed there for. To make sure that you comply with UK regulations, contact Stoke on Trent Council or visit their website to get detailed information on obtaining a skip permit and the rules. Alternatively, for any advice on skip hire Stoke On Trent clients can speak to our team.
Whether a skip can fit on your driveway depends on the skip's dimensions, the size of your driveway and any potential obstructions. To be sure of a proper fit, take the measurements of your driveway and look for any obstacles that might affect it, like narrow entrances or low-hanging tree branches. Assuming it is big enough for your needs, choose a skip that will fit comfortably within the available space. It's also important to be sure that the delivery truck can safely access your driveway and deposit the skip.
The cost of a standard skip can vary widely depending on your location, the size of the skip, and the duration of the hire. But here in the U.K., skip hire can cost anywhere from around £90 to £250 or more for a one-week hire of a 2 to 4-cubic yard, small to medium-sized skip. Larger skips (e.g. 6 to 12 cubic yards) can be more expensive.

Prices can also depend on what kind of waste you need a skip for. General waste, green waste, or specific materials like construction debris may incur different costs. To get an accurate and up-to-date price for standard cheap skip hire Stoke on Trent clients can enter your postcode for an instant quote.
It’s certainly worth hiring a skip if you're dealing with a substantial amount of waste. Home renovations and construction projects can make skip-hire a practical choice because of how convenient it is. A skip gets delivered to your location making it easier to dispose of large volumes of waste in a single go. However, the cost of skip hire can vary depending on the skip size, location, and rental duration so this needs to be taken into account. To make a decision, compare these costs with alternative waste disposal methods to see if skip hire aligns with your budget and requirements. For cheap skip hire Stoke on Trent clients can speak with our team.
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We Love Stoke-On-Trent

Stoke-on-Trent, affectionately known as the Potteries, is a city that we love in Staffordshire and is celebrated for its illustrious ceramic heritage. It thrived as an epicentre of pottery production during the Industrial Revolution and is home to world-famous brands like Wedgwood and Royal Doulton. We love to spend time at the Wedgwood Museum and the treasure trove of ceramic artistry that it houses. Stoke-on-Trent's industrial past is still preserved today in attractions like the Gladstone Pottery Museum, a working Victorian pottery factory. And Stoke-on-Trent's rich culture extends beyond ceramics too, with the annual British Ceramics Biennial showcasing contemporary art. Such a unique blend of history and creativity makes Stoke one of our favourite UK cities to explore.

Stoke on Trent Skip Hire Prices

How much is a skip hire in Stoke on Trent?

The cost of skip hire in Stoke on Trent can vary depending on the type and volume of waste you need to dispose of and how long you need it for. The average domestic UK skip costs between £100 to £350 for a week. If you are looking for the best value skip hire, JustHire's local network of skip hire partners in and around Stoke on Trent means that you can access the best prices. Trust us to provide you with competitive rates and get a quote today.

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Useful Information

Planning on a home renovation project? Or thinking about waste disposal for a landscaping project? Understanding the options that are available, the process of hiring a skip and alternative solutions can help you decide what works best for your needs.

Skip Size and Capacity

Choosing the right skip size for your needs is really important, both to make sure that you have a big enough skip to dispose of the waste that you need, and to avoid overloading and being liable to pay additional charges and costs. Skip sizes vary according to the type and volume of waste that is being disposed of, but the most common ones are:

  • 2-3 cubic yards (Mini Skip): Good size for small household projects like decluttering and garden clean-ups, mini skips are easy to fit on driveways because of their compactness.

  • 4-6 cubic yards (Midi Skip): Suitable for bigger projects like room renovations, Midi Skips have more capacity without taking up excessive space.

  • 8-10 cubic yards (Builder's Skip): This size skip can be hired for a whole range of projects, from disposing of bulky household items to construction and demolition waste.

  • 12-16 cubic yards (Large Skip): Large skips are used for much bigger and commercial waste disposal needs for projects like large-scale construction projects or significant clearouts.

The Skip Hire Process

Knowing what to expect when you hire a skip in Stoke on Trent can be useful and tend to follow these steps:

  1. Booking: Choose a skip company with a good reputation and discuss your needs. Or, use JustHire to select the right skip size for your project and book a delivery and collection date.

  2. Permits: Depending on where your skip is going to be placed, you might need to apply for a permit from the local council. Most Stoke on Trent skip hire suppliers will help you with this step.

  3. Delivery and Placement: Your skip will be delivered and positioned in the selected area, and the skip hire company will ensure that it is secured properly and levelled to guarantee safety and stability.

  4. Loading: You will need to stick to the guidelines in terms of what is and isn’t allowed to be disposed of. The fill level will be marked on the skip to help ensure that you do not overload it.

  5. Collection: Once your skip reaches capacity or your rental period ends, the skip hire company will collect the skip and transport it to an appropriate waste disposal facility.

Environmental Considerations

With growing awareness of the environment, adopting sustainable waste disposal practices has become ever more important. When thinking about waste disposal, we should consider recycling as much as possible, and minimising the amount of waste that we create. Many materials, such as paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, and metals, can often be recycled, and we should prioritise recycling them to reduce the ecological footprint of waste. A core way to reduce the amount of waste that we need to dispose of is through conscientiousness about what we buy and consume. For example, opting for products with minimal or recyclable packaging, and reducing our use of single-use items.

Alternatives To Skip Hire Stoke on Trent

  • Local Waste Management Services: Stoke on Trent Council ensures the efficient collection of household waste, often providing guidelines for separating recyclables from general waste.

  • Bulky Item Collections: As an alternative to skip hire Stoke on Trent Council also offers a convenient bulky waste collection and removal service for the disposal of oversized and heavy items like furniture and appliances, for a nominal fee.

  • Household Waste Recycling Centres: Stoke on Trent Council support several household waste recycling centres across the region where you can take along unwanted items and domestic waste.

  • Donation: One of the best ways to dispose of unwanted items that are in usable condition is to donate them to a local charity. And many offer free collection for large items, including Katherine House Hospice and Emmaus, so it's worth having a look if you have furniture that you no longer need or want.

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