Do I need a Skip Permit?

The answer to this question comes down to location, location, location. Our guide explains all you will need to know about skip permits, from if you need a permit. How you get a skip permit? Skip permit period? Skip permit cost? Largest skip with a permit? Are there any restrictions? And skip permit fines? 

Placing a Skip on Private Land 

A skip placed on private land, or a private road does not require any type of permit as long as you are the landowner or have permission from the landowner.

Placing a skip on private property is the simplest option when hiring a skip, due to not requiring a permit but also reducing the chance of members of the public placing items in the skip, some of which could be hazardous or dangerous material. Most people place their hired skip on a driveway, but make sure the skip you are hiring will fit by checking the size of skip you are hiring. 

Placing a Skip on a Public Highway 

If you do not have a driveway or a piece of land to put the skip on and intend on placing, it on a public road you will need a permit. These skip permits are normally obtained from the local council and will be applied for by the skip provider. You will need to pay to apply for a permit but please be aware you can be refused a permit and will not receive a refund.

Key Questions About Skip Permits?

How do I get a Skip Permit? 

Contact the skip supplier when ordering the skip letting them know that you intend on putting it on a public road. The skip hire company will then apply for the skip permit on your behalf.  The permit application will be sent to your local council who issues skip licences. The skip providers are the ones who provide all the information that the councils require. The main point is it is up to your local council to give you permission to have the skip on public land. 

You can purchase a permit when you order through Just Hire. 

How Long does it Take to Get a Skip Permit?

The skip permit can take between 3-5 days to come through. Please bear in mind in busy periods this waiting time could be longer and comes down to the local councils. For a good estimate contact the skip supplier for lead times for the licence, they will know the council and how long the take.  

How Long does a Skip Permit Last?

A skip permit typically lasts one or two weeks depending on the local council. Speak to you skip supplier about the licence period in your local area.  Most councils will allow an additional week on top of the initial period, but this will be an additional fee. You will need to make sure your skip hire period is covered by your skip permit period. So, if you are hiring a skip for two weeks the skip licence must also be for two weeks.  

How Much do Skip Permits Cost?

A Skip hire permit will be an additional fee to the skip hire.  Skip permit fees can vary, a rough guide would be from £30 up to over £100, this will be set by the local councils. Always ask the skip provider about permit prices, in some cases other waste management solutions could be more economical like a Wait and Load Skip Hire, as you will not need a skip permit so less cost. 

Why do Skip Permits Exist?

Skip permits exist to ensure public safety, protect the environment, and prevent any disruption caused by skips being present on roads. Councils take into consideration many factors when they look at your skip permit application such as: traffic flow,  will it block access to people’s homes, will it impact parking, will it affect road users, will it impact access for pedestrians. 

What is the Largest Skip that can go on a Public Highway?

Generally, the largest skip that can be placed on a public road is a 8-yard skip, also known as a builders skip. But check with your skip supplier as your local council may have different rules.  

How Many Skips does One Skip Permit Cover?

One skip permit will be applicable to one skip. So you will need as many permits as you do skips. 

What Restrictions are there with Skip Permits and Skip Placement?

Skips cannot be placed on the pavement they must be placed on the road. You may also need to place safety lights and markings around the skip when placed on a public road. This will be down to the discretion of the council. These may include:

  • Reflective markings

  • Traffic cones

  • Night time safety lamps (Allows the skip to remain lit)

  • Name and telephone number of skip company 

The skip supplier can provide these at a cost and you can check the requirements with your local council.

What Happens if I Place a Skip on a Public Highway without a Permit?

If you place a skip on a highway without a valid permit or safety lighting/markings, you could be fined up to £1000 by the council and it will be removed without notice. Having a skip permit for a skip placed  on a public highway is a legal requirement. 

If you have any questions regarding road permits or worrying if you need a permit don't hesitate to get in contact by emailing We will be more than happy to help. 


Author: Spencer Murphy

Date: 6/12/2022

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