Do You Need To Be in For a Skip Delivery

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If you have hired a skip you would of requested a specific delivery date. So do you need to be in for a skip delivery? Well with most of us having very busy lives it can seem a bit of an inconvenience to wait in for the delivery. In this article we will cover all there is to know about skip delivery in relation to skip hire.


Do you Need to Be in for a Skip Delivery?

The quick answer is, it depends. Different skip companies will have different skip delivery procedures. So the best thing to do is ask the skip suppliers when you order the skip. Some companies prefer someone to be on site, so sign paperwork and to go through what cannot go into their skips, like hazardous waste. 

I Cannot be in for Skip Delivery, What Can I Do?

If you cannot be in for the skip delivery do not worry, in many cases the skip lorry can delivery the skip but you need to prepare a few things:


1. If there is a specific spot you want the skip placed, tell the skip hire company in advance, you can even send them some photos of exactly where you want the skip delivered.

2. Make sure you leave space for the skip to be placed. Look at the dimensions of the size skip you are hiring. Then make sure you have the space for that skip size. If not it may be worth ordering a smaller skip.

3. Make sure there is access for the skip lorry to deliver your skip. Skip lorries are large vehicles they will require 3 metres clearance width. Make sure there isn't a car or any other vehicles blocking the driveway.

4. Make sure there is enough overhead clearance for the skip lorry. Just be aware of any overhead cables, phone wires or overhanging trees.

5. Keep your phone near you on the day of delivery. If the lorry driver is having issues finding your property or just wants to confirm the exact site to drop your skip, they will call you.


For any of the information mentioned above contact the skip company. Let them know of any difficulties that could occur when trying to delivery the skip for example if there is limited space or difficult access to the property. 

Remember if you do not talk to the skip company and advise them of any possible difficulties with delivery and they unable to delivery the skip, you will received unexpected charges.

When a Skip is Being Placed on the Road, Do I Need to Be in?

If you are wanting the skip to be placed on public land like a road there are a few more things to consider. Firstly, you will require a skip permit from the local council and this can take up to 7 days, you will also be charged for this. Secondly, the skip will need to placed on the road safely, so will have to positioned where it does not block access to pedestrian paths or drop curbs.

Lastly, you can request a skip hire company to place your skip in a specific location on the road, however a parked car can block that and you will not be able to save a spot unless you park your car there. Most cases when you want a skip placed on the road and you are not in, it can be tricky for the skip lorry to deliver your skip to a specific location.

Alternative to Traditional Skip Hire

If you want to be in for the skip delivery but have limited time a wait and load service could be a better option. This is where the lorry arrives the skip is delivered, you then have up to 30 minutes to fill the skip and the filled skip is then collected. This can be done on a public highway and does not require a permit from the local council. You may still have the issue of parked cars near where you want the skip to be placed but is a great option for people who want to be on site for delivery and who have a short amount of time.


When it comes to skip hire delivery it is worth checking with the skip company whether you need to be present on location or not. It is much easier when the skip is being delivered to private land compared to being delivered on the road. Customers would be advised to have their phone near them on the day of delivery and expect a call from the lorry driver. Make your skip hire go smoothly and follow the tips above.

Author: James Duncan

Date: 1/21/2023

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