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Skip Hire Near Me

4 Yard Skip


183cm (L) x 135cm  (W) x  92cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Small domestic refurbishments
  • DIY projects
  • Small garden clearances.
6 Yard Skip


260cm (L) x 170cm (W) x 107cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Domestic refurbishments
  • Home/office clear-outs
  • Small construction works.
8 Yard Skip


366cm (L) x 170cm (W) x 122cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Larger domestic projects
  • General construction works
  • Full office clear-outs
12 Yard Skip


370cm (L) x 175cm (W) x 183cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Major construction works
  • Office and retail clearouts
  • Large renovations.

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If you're looking for the cheapest skip hire Redditch has to offer with reliable service, you're in the right place. Our local skip hire supplier network in Redditch means that we can pass on the best prices to you. Choose from a range of skips to suit your needs and enjoy flexible delivery and collection options and friendly customer service.

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Our competitive skip hire prices and speedy, reliable delivery service have earned our Redditch skip hire service five-star reviews. Trust us for all your skip hire needs and benefit from our:

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Skip Hire FAQs

There are definitely a lot more materials that can go into a skip than those that can’t – and the ones that are not permitted in skips have mostly to do with safety and compliance with health regulations. As long as it is non-hazardous, it can be put into a skip - this includes domestic and garden waste, clothes, non-electrical fixtures, plastics since they can be recycled easily and furniture to metal, wood, tiles, pottery and bricks.
UK legal restrictions state that any hazardous materials and waste are not allowed to be deposited in a skip. Some examples include fluorescent tubes or WEEE Waste items, asbestos, electrical items, tyres, aerosols and gas canisters, and medical waste. Hazardous materials must be stored and collected separately safely, efficiently, and ecologically disposed of. If you have any questions on what can go in or to book our cheapest skip hire Redditch customers can contact our team at JustHire.
Yes, you can place a skip on the road outside your house, but you'll typically need a permit from your local council to do so legally. These permits ensure safety, minimise disruption to traffic, and specify the duration and size of the skip allowed. Regulations and fees vary by location, so it's essential to contact your local council to obtain the necessary permits and follow the specific guidelines to avoid any potential fines or issues. If you need advice on what’s allowed or to book our cheapest skip hire Redditch customers can get in touch.
You can typically fill a skip up to the rim. How much you load into it depends on its size, weight limits, and the skip hire company's own guidelines. Skips come in multiple sizes, ranging from small ones (2-4 cubic yards) to larger 10 - 12-yard skips, and even 16 cubic yard skips. There should be a "fill level" marked on the skip that indicates how high you can safely fill it. Weight restrictions may apply as well, so it's advisable to chat with the skip hire company directly to confirm.
If the skip you are intending to hire needs to go onto a public road, then yes you will need to inform the local council. This is because placing a skip on a public road requires a permit to confirm that the location of the skip will not cause a safety hazard. The local authority will undertake a check and guide you on where the skip can be safely positioned and let you know about any notification requirements. For questions about permits to how to book our cheapest skip hire Redditch clients can contact our team.
The skip size you need depends on the amount of waste you plan to dispose of. For small household clearouts, a 2 to 4-cubic-yard mini skip might suffice, while larger projects, like renovations, may require a 6 to 12-cubic-yard builder's skip. For extensive commercial jobs, consider roll-on/roll-off skips, ranging from 20 to 40 cubic yards. It's advisable to consult with your skip hire provider, who can assess your specific needs and recommend the appropriate skip size to efficiently manage your waste disposal requirements. Or contact us today to find out more and book the cheapest skip hire Redditch has to offer.
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Why We Love Redditch

Redditch, nestled in Worcestershire, has a unique charm about it that captures us. The town is renowned as the "Needle-making capital of the world," with a heritage steeped in the needle and fishing tackle industries, showcased at the Forge Mill Needle Museum. We love the lush green spaces that Redditch boasts plenty of, including Arrow Valley Country Park, a tranquil retreat for nature lovers. At the weekends we enjoy going to The Palace Theatre to catch a diverse range of performances, that contributes to the town's cultural vibrancy. And there's nothing better than getting on your bike to discover the extensive network of scenic cycling routes around the town. With its blend of history, natural beauty, and cultural pursuits Redditch has it all.

Redditch Skip Hire Prices

How much does it cost to hire a skip in Redditch?

Hiring a skip is a sensible solution when you have a lot of waste to remove and if you search online you'll find that skip hire prices in Redditch will vary depending on the size and type of skip you need. On average, skip hire can cost from £100 to £350 but is dependent on which skip hire supplier you choose. With JustHire's partner network of skip hire services in Redditch, we can choose from and secure the best price for you so that you don't have to shop around.

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Skip Hire Alternatives

Local Council Bulky Waste Collection

Redditch Borough Council offers a Bulky Waste Collection service to help residents dispose of large items. This service allows residents to schedule a collection with prices starting from £10.45 and increasing as you add more or larger items.

Private Waste Removal Companies

There are many private waste disposal companies in and around Redditch, but it's crucial to check if they are legally verified when hiring them to remove your items. Although a large number operate perfectly legally and dispose of waste responsibly and in an eco-friendly way, others are known to resort to fly-tipping which is a crime that can result in hefty fines. Legally operating companies will carry a waste carrier license, which you can verify on the government website.

Charitable Options 

  • You can take advantage of the free collection service offered by many Redditch charities by donating your functional items. It's a win win solution where you get to make a positive impact and have your items picked up for free instead of having to hire a skip. Contact any of these Redditch-based charities today to find out more about their collection services:

    Age UK

  • Primrose Hospice

  • Sue Ryder

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