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Skip Hire Near Me

4 Yard Skip


183cm (L) x 135cm  (W) x  92cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Small domestic refurbishments
  • DIY projects
  • Small garden clearances.
6 Yard Skip


260cm (L) x 170cm (W) x 107cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Domestic refurbishments
  • Home/office clear-outs
  • Small construction works.
8 Yard Skip


366cm (L) x 170cm (W) x 122cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Larger domestic projects
  • General construction works
  • Full office clear-outs
12 Yard Skip


370cm (L) x 175cm (W) x 183cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Major construction works
  • Office and retail clearouts
  • Large renovations.

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Looking for reliable and affordable skip hire in Essex? We offer a range of skip sizes to suit your needs, with flexible delivery and collection. We pride ourselves on delivering great value and the most competitive skip hire prices in Essex, with quality service and friendly customer support along the way.

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We're thrilled that when it comes to skip hire Essex customers rate our service excellent. Book your skip today for efficient, dependable and competitively priced skip hire because, when you book with JustHire you get access to our:

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Skip Hire FAQs

As long as it is not hazardous, you can put any type of general household waste into a skip. Items such as furniture and appliances, construction debris like bricks and concrete, garden waste and recyclable materials are all okay to put in a skip. If you need advice on what’s allowed or anything to do with skip hire Essex customers can get in touch with us today.
Hazardous materials are not allowed to be disposed of in skips due to safety and environmental concerns, including:

  • Hazardous Waste: Such as chemicals, asbestos, batteries, and electronic waste where specialised and safe alternative disposal methods are needed.

  • Tyres: Tyres are often prohibited by skip hire companies as they can be challenging to dispose of.

  • Fridges and Freezers: Any appliances containing refrigerants need to be properly handled.

  • Plasterboard: In some areas, disposing of plasterboard is restricted because it can release harmful gases.

  • Gas Cylinders: Propane or other gas cylinders can be dangerous if not handled correctly.

  • Flammable Liquids: Materials like gasoline, paint thinners, or other flammable liquids are generally not allowed due to the fire risk.

  • Always check with your skip hire provider for their list of prohibited items and follow local regulations. Or for any advice on skip hire Essex clients can get in touch with us at JustHire.
    The guidance states that you can only load a skip up to the rim level because it’s against regulations and can pose a safety risk. Overfilling a skip can prevent it from being safely collected and the waste being properly disposed of. If you're unsure about how high you can load a skip, your Essex skip hire provider can provide you with guidance. Or, our team are always available to help, so for any questions about skip hire Essex customers can give us a call.
    Yes, if you are planning on placing it in a public place like a pavement or road, you usually need to request a permit from your local council before hiring a skip in the UK. The Council needs to be aware of its presence to ensure that guidelines around safety, proper positioning, and adherence to regulations are followed. It's recommended to check with Essex County Council or the skip hire company for guidance on obtaining the necessary permits and fulfilling any notification requirements.
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    We Love Essex

    Essex, a captivating county in England, has earned a special place in our hearts for its unique blend of attractions and character. Its rich history is illuminated by landmarks like the ancient Colchester Castle, the country's largest Norman keep. The picturesque Dedham Vale, often referred to as Constable Country, which inspired the renowned landscape artist John Constable, juxtapositions with Essex's stunning coastline along the North Sea, with charming seaside towns like Southend-on-Sea that offer sandy shores and vibrant entertainment options. We especially love the annual Tiptree World Bread Awards, celebrating the art of baking and showcasing Essex's culinary prowess! With its diverse landscapes, historic sites, and culinary delights, Essex is a special jewel in the UK’s crown.

    Essex Skip Hire Prices

    How much does a skip cost in Essex?

    In Essex skip hire prices vary according to the type and size of the skip you hire, with prices ranging from £100 to £350 for a standard skip. JustHire offers the best value for your money when it comes to Essex skip hire because our network of reputable and budget-friendly skip hire partners in and around Essex means that we can access the most competitive prices.

    Skip Hire Near Essex | JustHire

    Useful Information

    When it comes to hiring a skip for waste disposal, having a good understanding of what options are available and the hire process can help to ensure a smooth experience. And although common, hiring a skip is not the only option for waste disposal, so it's worth exploring what other services are available.

    Skip Sizes/Volumes

    Selecting the right skip size is important to get right in order to avoid overloading and excess charges. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different types and quantities of waste. Here are some common skip sizes and their typical uses:

    • Mini Skip (2-3 cubic yards): Suitable for small-scale projects like garden and home cleanups. Their compact size makes them driveway-friendly.

    • Midi Skip (4-6 cubic yards): Ideal for more extensive household tasks such as room renovations, midi skips can accommodate a larger volume of waste without taking up excessive space.

    • Builder's Skip Hire Essex (8-10 cubic yards): Flexible skip choice that is suitable for multiple projects, from disposing of bulky household items to handling construction and demolition waste.

    • Large Skip (12-16 cubic yards): Large skips are for more commercial use and they are equipped to meet significant waste disposal needs, such as sizeable construction projects or extensive clearouts.

    The Skip Hire Process

    Booking: Contact a reputable Essex skip hire company or choose JustHire and select the skip size that suits your needs, arrange delivery and collection dates.

    Permit: Depending on where the skip is going to be positioned, you may need to request a permit from the local council. Most skip hire companies will be able to help with this step.

    Delivery and Placement: Your skip will be delivered to the vetoed location and the skip hire company will secure and level it properly to ensure safety and stability.

    Loading: Fill the skip with your waste materials only up to the specified fill level. Overloading a skip can pose a safety hazard and result in additional charges.

    Collection: Once your skip is full or your rental period ends, the skip hire company will retrieve the skip and transport it to an appropriate waste disposal facility.

    Environmental Considerations

    In the context of growing environmental awareness, sustainable waste management practices are becoming increasingly important. Some factors to consider are:

    • Recycling: Prioritise recycling to mitigate the environmental impact of waste. Common materials like paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, and metals can often be recycled.

    • Waste Reduction: Make an effort to minimize waste generation through conscious consumption, favouring products with minimal packaging, and reducing single-use item usage.

    • Energy Recovery Facilities: In regions with waste-to-energy facilities, consider this option to convert non-recyclable waste into electricity, thereby reducing reliance on landfills.

    • Local Regulations: Complying with local waste disposal regulations and guidelines is crucial to prevent environmental harm and legal repercussions.

    Other Waste Disposal Methods

    Apart from hiring a skip, it’s worth considering other ways to dispose of your waste:

    Bulky Waste Collections:
    Each of the various Borough councils within Essex County Council provides its own collection service of bulky waste from local domestic households, including furniture and appliances, for a fee. Take a look at Essex County Council’s website for who collects what in your area.

    Household Clinical Waste:
    Clinical waste is comprised of human or animal tissue, blood or bodily fluids, excretions, drugs or pharmaceutical products, swabs or dressings, as well as syringes, needles, or other sharp instruments, all of which have the potential to pose a risk to human health. It is important to note that clinical waste cannot be disposed of through your regular kerbside collection or at any Essex County Council recycling center. If you have clinical waste to dispose of, you’ll need to get in touch with your local council to arrange for a proper collection.

    Donating items to charity is an eco-friendly and compassionate approach to waste disposal. Instead of discarding usable goods, it extends their life, reduces landfill waste, and supports those in need. Lot’s of local charities in Essex, like Sue Ryder, offer a free collection service as well so it's a win-win that benefits the environment and our communities, making it a thoughtful choice for waste management.

    Recycling Centres:
    There are many recycling centres across Essex where you can take various recyclable materials like glass, paper, cardboard, plastics, and metals. Using recycling centres where possible helps to reduce landfill waste and promotes sustainability. You can book a slot via the Essex County Council website.

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