8 Yard Skip

The 8-Yard Skip, also known as a large builders skip, is one of the most popular sizes. Mainly used for building and large domestic projects, but can also be used for general waste disposal.

What Can be Put in a 8-yard Skip?

8-yard skips come under the same rules as any skip in regards to what waste materials can be placed in them. Examples include:

  • Garden waste
  • Wood
  • Heavy Waste 
  • Bricks
  • General waste
  • Domestic waste 
  • Household waste


What Cannot be put in a 8-yard Skip?

8-yard skips cannot be filled with any hazardous materials. Prohibited items include:

  • Chemicals
  • Asbestos
  • Electrical items
  • Batteries 
  • Tyres
  • Upholstered furniture


How Big is a 8-yard Skip?

An 8 cubic yard skip is a medium size. The dimensions are:

Load Size: 8 cubic yards

Length: 3.35m

Width: 2.1m

Height: 1.5m


How Much Waste can you Fit in an 8-yard Skip?

An 8-yard skip holds 8 cubic yards of rubbish. It can hold 80 black bin bags full of waste. 


Can a 8-yard Skip be put on a Road?

You can put this skip size on a public road, but you will require a skip permit from your local council. These council permits can be applied for when you order through JustHire. A skip hire council permit can take up to 5 working days and will be an extra charge.


What is the Hire Period of a 8-yard Skip?

Our hiring period is 2-weeks as standard. If your hiring needs exceed this time frame you can pay for extra weeks.


How Much does an 8-yard Skip Cost?

An 8-yard skip can vary in price starting any where from £250 up to over £380. Price is dependent on where you are located. In general if you are located in the south of the UK skips will be more expensive compared to the north. For example a skip in Essex will be more expensive than a skip in Scunthorpe


What Jobs Can a 8-yard Skip be Used for?

A 8 yard builders skip can be used for a variety of tasks, as you can dispose a variety of materials in them.

Suitable for:

  • Commercial projects
  • Large house clear-outs
  • Home renovations
  • General waste removal
  • Heavy waste, such as brick and rubble


Pros of a 8 Cubic Yard Skip

  • Very versatile due to the waste types it can hold 
  • Can be placed on a public road with a permit 
  • Great for a building project or domestic clear out
  • Suitable for disposing of heavy waste such as soil or hardcore 


Cons of a 8 Cubic Yard Skip

  • A medium skip size so will take up space on site.
  • Not the biggest skip size, could be too small for your waste needs


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