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Skip Hire Near Me

4 Yard Skip


183cm (L) x 135cm  (W) x  92cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Small domestic refurbishments
  • DIY projects
  • Small garden clearances.
6 Yard Skip


260cm (L) x 170cm (W) x 107cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Domestic refurbishments
  • Home/office clear-outs
  • Small construction works.
8 Yard Skip


366cm (L) x 170cm (W) x 122cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Larger domestic projects
  • General construction works
  • Full office clear-outs
12 Yard Skip


370cm (L) x 175cm (W) x 183cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Major construction works
  • Office and retail clearouts
  • Large renovations.

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Skip Hire FAQs

You can put most things in a skip, as long as they are non-hazardous materials and items. From domestic and garden waste, non-electrical fixtures, sofas, and furniture like chairs and tables, to metal, wood, tiles, ceramics and bricks. For advice on what you can and cannot put into a skip, or to book the cheapest skip hire Doncaster customers are welcome to give our team a call today.
To comply with regulations and protect the planet, hiring a skip to dispose of waste in the UK has some restrictions, namely anything hazardous and where eco-friendly disposal is required. Hazardous materials include things like chemicals, TVs and electronics, mattresses, tyres, medical gear, plasterboard, gas cylinders, liquids, and food waste. Alternatively, for any questions relating to restrictions or general skip hire Doncaster customers can contact us today.
Whether a skip fits on your driveway hinges on its dimensions, your driveway's size, and potential obstructions. Start by measuring your driveway to ascertain if it can accommodate the chosen skip size. Take into account potential issues like low branches or narrow entrances that may affect placement. Skips come in various sizes, so choose one that fits comfortably.

Additionally, check with the skip hire supplier that the delivery truck can access your driveway and safely deposit the skip. If space and accessibility permit, a skip can often be placed on your driveway for convenience during projects like renovations or clear-outs. Alternatively, if you have any questions about skip hire or booking the cheapest skip hire Doncaster customers can get in touch with us today.
Exceeding the recommended level of waste in a skip can result in significant safety hazards and is in violation of UK regulations. It's important to load the skip no higher than the rim to ensure secure transportation and appropriate disposal. Any reputable Doncaster skip hire provider will provide guidance on compliance. Alternatively, for any questions relating to skip hire Doncaster customers can get in touch with us today.
Whether you need a permit for your skip depends on its intended placement. If it's to go on your own property, like your driveway or garden, and it doesn't pose any safety risks, block any traffic or public pathways, or pose any environmental concerns, then no permit is necessary. However, if you plan to place it on a public road, you'll have to request a permit from the council. Failing to obtain one may lead to the skip being confiscated without prior notice and fines of up to £1000. It's a good idea to reach out to the skip hire company or the council for clear guidance on permits and relevant regulations.
For small household projects, like clearing out a single room or garden waste, opt for a 2 or 3-yard skip. Mid-sized skips, like the 4 or 6-yard, are ideal for larger household projects, such as kitchen or bathroom renovations, or moderate garden waste. For larger projects, like clearing out a garage or disposing of bulky items, an 8-yard skip is perfect. If you're undertaking a significant renovation or construction project, consider a 10 or 12-yard skip. For major construction projects or substantial bulky waste, the 14 or 16-yard skip is the best option. We'd always advise overestimating the size you need to avoid overloading and extra charges. If you're still not sure and would like to talk to someone, or you want to find out more about our cheapest skip hire Doncaster clients can get in touch with us today.
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Why We Love Doncaster

There are so many reasons that we love Doncaster, South Yorkshire's hidden gem. The town is steeped in history, with landmarks like Conisbrough Castle, a striking medieval fortress, and the beautiful Doncaster Minster showcasing its rich heritage. But it's not just the history; the lively atmosphere of the city, from Doncaster Racecourse, home to the historic St. Leger Stakes, to the buzzing Doncaster Market, where local traders offer a taste of Yorkshire's finest, makes Doncaster a place where you can have it all.

Skip Hire Prices Doncaster

How much does skip hire cost in Doncaster?

The cost of hiring a skip in Doncaster depends on how much waste you need to dispose of and how big a skip you'll need. You can hire a skip for domestic use in the UK for anywhere between £100 to £350. At JustHire, our skip hire partners that we work with in and around Doncaster means that we can secure the most affordable prices for you.

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Useful Information

For home renovation or landscaping projects where you might be considering skip hire for waste disposal, it's crucial to grasp the sizing requirements and the skip rental process. While hiring a skip is a practical choice, there are other options to explore, either in conjunction with or as a substitute for skip hire.

Selecting the Right Skip Size

Picking the appropriate skip size for your project is critical. It ensures you have sufficient capacity for your waste without risking overloading and incurring extra charges. Skip sizes vary based on the waste type and volume. Common options include:

  • Mini Skip (2-3 cubic yards): Ideal for small home projects like decluttering and garden cleanups, fitting neatly on driveways.

  • Midi Skip (4-6 cubic yards): Suited to larger household projects including kitchen or bathroom renovations, offering increased capacity without excessive space requirements.

  • Builder's Skip (8-10 cubic yards): Frequently used for diverse tasks, from disposing of bulky household items to managing construction and demolition waste.

  • Large Skip (12-16 cubic yards): Reserved for substantial waste disposal needs, suitable for large-scale construction projects or extensive clear-outs.

Navigating the Skip Hire Process

Understanding the skip rental process can help to streamline your experience, whether it's a mini, midi, or builder's skip:

  1. Booking: Begin by hiring a professional skip company to discuss your needs, choose the appropriate skip size and arrange delivery and collection dates.

  2. Permits: If you intend to place the skip on a public road or restricted-access area, securing a permit from Doncaster council is essential. Often, skip hire companies can assist you in this process.

  3. Delivery and Placement: Your selected skip will be delivered to the specified permitted location, carefully lowered and securely positioned to ensure safety and stability.

  4. Loading: Skips feature a designated "fill level" marker indicating the safe loading limit. Overloading poses safety risks and may result in additional charges.

  5. Collection: Once you've finished with or filled the skip, the rental company will collect it and transport it to a waste disposal facility.

Alternative Waste Disposal Methods

Council Collections

A bulky waste collection service for domestic properties if provided by Doncaster Council, for unwanted bulky household items that typically you would take with if you were to move house, not including fixtures or fittings.

You can book a collection to dispose of items like furniture, electrical goods, carpets and mattresses for between £23 for 1- 4 items, up to £50 for 9 - 12 items, or £90 for 25-32 items. Everything must be a manageable size to fit through your gate, down the side of your house or car etc. and easily moved.

"Man with a Van"

If you don't want to book a skip, there is also the option of hiring a private waste removal company to pick up and dispose of your waste for you. Although there are many who operate lawfully and ensure the ecological and legal disposal of waste, there is a growing number of companies who don't.

Make sure you check the waste carrier license of the company you hire via the government's website as you could be eligible to a fine of up to £1000 if it is your waste that is found to have been fly-tipped.

Charity Donations

Donate your unwanted items to charity for a green and cost-effective solution. If it's in good condition, give it a new lease of life by donating it directly to an individual or a reuse charity, but be aware that upholstered furniture requires a fire safety certificate. Lots of charities in Doncaster offer a free collection service for large furniture items too, and you could start by trying these ones:

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