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Skip Hire Near Me

4 Yard Skip


183cm (L) x 135cm  (W) x  92cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Small domestic refurbishments
  • DIY projects
  • Small garden clearances.
6 Yard Skip


260cm (L) x 170cm (W) x 107cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Domestic refurbishments
  • Home/office clear-outs
  • Small construction works.
8 Yard Skip


366cm (L) x 170cm (W) x 122cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Larger domestic projects
  • General construction works
  • Full office clear-outs
12 Yard Skip


370cm (L) x 175cm (W) x 183cm (H)

Perfect for:

  • Major construction works
  • Office and retail clearouts
  • Large renovations.

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If you've been searching online for the most reliable and cheapest skip hire in Bradford, you've come to the right place. We partner with most of the local skip hire companies in Bradford so we can offer you the best prices. For a Bradford skip hire service that comes with hands-on customer support, enter your postcode to get started with booking the cheapest skip hire Bradford has to offer.

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Skip Hire FAQs

There are definitely a lot more materials that can go into a skip than those that can’t – and the ones that are not permitted in skips are mostly to do with safety and compliance with health regulations. As long as it is non-hazardous, it can be put into a skip - this includes domestic and garden waste, clothes, non-electrical fixtures, plastics since they can be recycled easily and furniture to metal, wood, tiles, pottery and bricks. If you are still unsure or have any questions about skip hire Bradford customers can call our team today.
Some specific categories of waste are prohibited from being disposed of in a skip. Hazardous materials must be stored and disposed of responsibly and ecologically, such as fridges and freezers, plasterboard, asbestos, tyres and batteries. Items like these must be disposed of separately. For advice on restrictions, or any other questions relating to skip hire Bradford customers can get in touch with us today.
You can place a skip in various locations, depending on local regulations and your specific needs. The most common options are putting it on your own driveway or property if it's spacious enough to accommodate the skip. If you don't have sufficient space, you will likely need to obtain a permit and place it on the road outside your property or a nearby parking area, but be prepared to follow your local council's guidelines regarding size, safety measures, and permit requirements. Alternatively, consider placing the skip in your front garden if you have one, making sure that it doesn't obstruct pedestrian pathways or create safety hazards. Always check the local council regulations and obtain any necessary permits to ensure legal and safe skip placement. For any questions about what you can or can't put in a skip or anything about skip hire Bradford customers can call our team today.
To be sure that your skip can be collected safely and your waste can be removed properly, it is crucial to load your skip no higher than the "fill level" that is marked on the skip below the rim. Exceeding the recommended waste level can pose significant safety risks and is a violation of UK regulations. Trustworthy skip hire providers in Bradford can offer guidance on how to comply with loading requirements. Or for any questions on skip hire Bradford clients can contact our customer support team today.
To hire a skip and place it on a public road, obtaining a council permit is mandatory. But, if you choose to position it on your private driveway or garden, and it poses no safety hazards, environmental concerns, or traffic obstructions, you can usually bypass the council notification. Nonetheless, it's prudent to confirm this with either the skip hire company or with Bradford Council directly, because disregarding the permit requirement may lead to the skip's seizure and a possible fine of £1000. For any advice on skip hire Bradford customers can get in touch with us.
Choosing the perfect skip size is crucial. Consider the quantity and type of waste you need to dispose of. For small-scale projects like room cleanouts or garden work, a 2 or 3-yard skip is ideal. For mid-sized home projects like kitchen revamps, opt for a 4 or 6-yard skip. For bulkier items or garage clear-outs, an 8-yard skip is recommended. For larger jobs like renovations or construction, a 10 or 12-yard skip is necessary. For massive tasks with substantial bulky waste, a 14 or 16-yard skip is the way to go. It's always better to choose a slightly larger size to avoid overloading and incurring extra costs. If you're unsure, your chosen skip hire service can provide tailored guidance based on your unique needs and available space.
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Bradford stands out for its unique blend of rich cultural heritage and vibrancy. From the majestic Bradford Cathedral, a masterpiece of Victorian Gothic architecture, to the iconic Saltaire Village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site created by Sir Titus Salt, Bradford boasts so many historical treasures. The thriving arts scene, with venues like the Alhambra Theatre, and the delectable assortment of to-die-for curry houses is another draw for us. But what makes Bradford really special is its friendly, welcoming and diverse community that makes visitors feel at home.

Bradford Skip Hire Prices

How much is a skip in Bradford?

If you look online you'll see that skip hire prices in Bradford will depend on the size and type of skip you need. On average, skip hire can cost from £100 to £350 but is dependent on which skip company you choose. With our partner network of local skip companies in Bradford, we can choose from and secure the best price for you so that you don't have to shop around. So for the cheapest skip hire Bradford clients can book with us today.

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Useful Information

If you're going to be undertaking a home renovation or landscaping project, and you are thinking about hiring a skip for waste disposal, it's important to understand what sizes you need and the skip hire process. And, although hiring a skip is a sensible and common choice, there are other options that you can consider, whether as an alternative or in conjunction with skip hire.

Skip Size and Capacity

Choosing the right skip size for your needs is really important, both to make sure that you have a big enough skip to dispose of the waste that you need, and to avoid overloading and being liable to pay additional charges and costs. Skip sizes vary according to the type and volume of waste that is being disposed of, but the most common ones are:

  • 2-3 cubic yards (Mini Skip): Suitable for small household projects like decluttering and garden clearups, mini skips are compact and easy to place on driveways.

  • 4-6 cubic yards (Midi Skip): Suited to bigger household projects like kitchen or bathroom renovations, midi skips have more capacity without taking up too much space.

  • 8-10 cubic yards (Builder's Skip): This size skip is commonly hired for a multitude of projects, from disposing of bulky household items to construction and demolition waste.

  • 12-16 cubic yards (Large Skip): Large skips are used for hefty waste disposal needs for projects like large-scale construction projects or significant clearouts.

Hire Process

Whether you're booking a mini, midi or builder's skip, understanding the process can make your experience smoother:

Booking: Firstly we'd recommend sourcing a professional company in Bradford to discuss your skip hire needs. They will help advise on the appropriate skip size for the job, and schedule delivery and collection dates.

Permits: If you intend to place the skip on a public road or a place that restricts public access in some way, you will need a permit from Bradford Council. The skip hire company can often help with this process so it's worth asking them first.

Delivery and Placement: Your chosen skip will be delivered to the permitted location that has been specified, lowered down placed securely, and levelled to make sure that it is safe and stable.

Loading: There will be a "fill level" marked on the skip that indicates where you can load the skip up to. Overloaded skips can be a safety hazard and you could be liable to pay additional charges.

Collection: When you are done with your skip, or once it is full, the skip company will collect the skip and transport it safely to a waste disposal facility.

Environmental Considerations

We can all help to protect the planet by taking steps to minimise waste production and practising responsible waste disposal:

  1. Recycling: It's important to properly separate recyclable and non-recyclable waste so that materials like paper, glass, plastics, and metals can be properly recycled.

  2. Composting: Minimising food waste by composting organic materials can reduce landfill methane emissions.

  3. Hazardous Waste: To prevent soil and water contamination, it's essential to dispose of hazardous materials like batteries and electronics at specialized collection centres.

  4. Reducing Single-Use Plastics: One effective strategy involves decreasing the consumption of single-use plastic items and embracing reusable alternatives, ultimately reducing plastic pollution and supporting a more sustainable future for our planet.

Skip Hire Substitutes

Council Waste Removal Service

Bradford Council offers a bulky waste collection service for domestic properties in the District which carries a small charge and a limit of up to 5 items per collection. It's only available to residents for collections of domestic waste from their own property, and includes things like beds, bikes, tables and chairs, garden waste, carpets and lino., with furniture like sofas, chairs and upholstered seating with cushioning or foam that contain POPs (persistent organic pollutants) to be collected in a separate vehicle.

Private Companies For Waste Removal

If you're thinking about hiring a private waste removal company or a  "man with a van", make sure you check first if they are licensed to carry and dispose of waste. Lots of illegal operators who fly-tip waste operate across Bradford, but lawful companies carry a waste carrier license that you can check online via the government's website. If they are caught fly-tipping your waste, you will be eligible to pay up to a £1000 fine so it's definitely worth checking.

Donating To Charity

The greenest and cheapest way to get rid of things you don't want or need any more if it is still in working order and in good condition is to donate them to charity to be reused. You can donate directly to an individual directly or to a reuse charity. But if you wish to donate upholstered furniture to a charity, it must have a fire safety certificate. Many Bradford charities offer a free collection service too and you can contact these ones today to find out more:

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