Preparing for Your Skip Hire: Delivery & Collection

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You have booked your skip hire in with the skip company, chosen your preferred dates, the size of skip and the waste type. You have a week or two before the skip arrives and you probably haven't even thought about the skip hire delivery and collection. However, if you want to make sure that your skip hire goes as smoothly as possible, it's important to start preparing for it well in advance. 

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about skip hire delivery and skip hire collection so that you can be prepared for it! 

Overhead Clearance

When it comes to skip hire delivery & collection, one of the first things you need to be aware of is overhead clearance. Skip lorry's will require between 3 - 4 metres of height clearance. You will need to notify the skip supplier if there are any low hanging power lines, trees, or other structures. If there is a solid structure that would prevent a 3-4 metres clearance, such as a small bridge, it may not be possible for the skip to be delivered. 

Clear Obstacles 

If you have chosen where you want the skip to be placed clear the route for the placement and the area of placement. If there are any bulky obstacles in the way it may prevent the skip lorry from delivering the skip. Be prepared and move all items out the way for smooth delivery. 

Make Sure the Skip Will Fit 

Check the dimensions of the skip you have ordered and measure where you are intending to place the skip, compare these measurements and see if the skip will fit in the space. This is fundamental, otherwise your skip will turn up, it may not fit in the space and the driver will have to return back to the depot.  

Skip Placement 

Make sure the area you have chosen to place the skip is not next to any walls or large obstacles. If there is any obstruction the skip lorry will not be able to delivery the skip, the driver may see  a risk of damaging walls and property,  these issues will apply for skip collection also. Make sure the skip is placed somewhere convenient to you. You want to make sure it is somewhere that the skip will be easy to load but also not in the way. Please be advised once the skip has been placed DO NOT MOVE IT skip suppliers may refuse to collect skips that have been moved. This is why you need to think carefully about where to place the skip. 

Speak to your Neighbours /Shared Driveways

More than just an act of courtesy telling your neighbours of an imminent skip delivery & collection can make things go smoother. Skip lorry's are large vehicles so asking neighbours to move their cars before delivery could be a huge help. Letting them know will allow them to adapt their day accordingly and they will appreciate it. 

Turning Space 

You need to make sure that there is enough turning space for the skip hire lorry. Most skip lorry's require a clearance width of 3 metres. If not, they may be unable to access your property and you will have to rearrange your plans accordingly. If you have particularly narrow road please let the skip supplier know, they can send a more experienced driver or use a smaller skip lorry. 

Manhole Safety 

It is advised to not have skips placed on manholes. Skips if placed on manholes can damage the manhole covers themselves but could also lead to flooding due to back flow of water or damage to pipes. 


If you have a gate or other entryway that the skip hire lorry needs to go through, make sure it is open and secure. This will prevent any potential damages from occurring during the delivery or collection process. Also check the width of the gate is large enough for the skip lorry, normally a clearance width of 3 metres, but always best to check with the skip supplier by giving them a call.  

Make sure the Skip is Loaded Level.

When the skip lorry comes to collect the loaded skip make sure the skip is loaded level. Loaded level means the waste in the skip is not pouring out over the brim of the skip and all the waste is contained within the borders of the skip. If the skip is not loaded level the skip supplier will refuse to collect the skip, as it will be unsafe to lift the skip onto the skip lorry and also to transport the overloaded skip on the lorry.  

Make sure no Inappropriate items are Placed in the Skip 

If certain hazardous items are placed in the skip such as plasterboard the skip will not be collected. Items that cannot be placed in a skip can be found here. If you have placed hardcore or soil in a skip larger then 8 yards the skip will not be collected due to safety. Once you've taken into consideration all of these factors, you can rest easy knowing that your skip hire delivery and collection will go as safely and efficiently as possible. So don't forget to start preparing for it well in advance!  

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Want more information before organising your skip hire  - Check out our basic guide.  

Author: Spencer Murphy

Date: 7/29/2022

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