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When it comes to removing large amounts of unwanted waste, hiring a skip is one of the most convenient options. Whether its a house clear out, a garden refurb or a few domestic projects. Skip hire can be a great options for waste removal.

A skip can be delivered directly to your home or business for you to fill up with all your unwanted materials. Once full, the skip can be collected and taken away for disposal or recycling .

Key Points for Skip Hire 

If you’re hiring a skip for the first time, it’s important to think about how much waste you need to get rid of and what type of skip will be best suited for the job.

To make sure you choose the right skip hire option, here are some key points to consider:

Cost of the Skip  – What can you afford? Cost of skip hire comes down to three main factors: Size of skip, type of skip and location of skip. 

Size of the Skip– What size skip do you need? Skips come in a variety of sizes. To ensure you don’t end up paying for a skip that is too big or too small, it’s best to measure the volume of materials you need to dispose of.

Type of Skip–  What type of skips do you need? Skips come in open-top and enclosed versions, so it’s important to think about which type is best suited for your job. Open-topped skips are ideal for general waste whereas enclosed skips keep out rain and wind, making them suitable for heavier materials such as soil and rubble.

Duration of Skip Hire - How long do you need the skip for? Most hire periods range from one day hire up to one week hire, with additional costs for hire periods beyond this.

Location of the Skip Hire– Where is your skip going to be placed? You may need to obtain a skip hire permit from your local council if you are planning to park a skip on the street.

Waste Type going in the Skip - What waste are you going to put in the skip. it’s important to think about what type of waste you can and cannot place inside. Never put hazardous materials such as paint, chemicals, oils or asbestos in a skip as they must be disposed of separately.

Skip Hire Cost

Skip hire costs can vary depending on: skip size, skip type and skip location. Picking your budget is an important factor when deciding what skip to choose. 

Skip Hire cost will depend on the size of skip. The average price for 2-yard mini skips in the UK will be around £140. As the size of the skip increases so does the cost of the skip. so a 12-yard maxi skip hire will be more expensive than a 6-yard skip hire.

Skip prices are dependent on the type of skip you require. Skip hire companies can charge more for lockable and enclosed skips. They will charge more for skips with drop doors. Hire companies also charge extra for specialist skips for hazardous waste like plasterboard. 

The biggest impact of the skip hire price will location. Depending on where in the UK you need the skip will dictate the price. Local skip hire prices can be substantially different region to region with skip hire companies in the south west of England charging upwards of 40% more then skip hire companies in the north east. For example skips in Chelmsford will be more expensive than skips in Wakefield.  

Just Hire will show you prices from your local skip hire companies, covering the entire UK.

It’s also important to factor in any additional fees such as delivery charges, permit fees and skip removal fees when purchasing a skip. These hidden fees may only be revealed at the end of the skip hire so just double check with the skip hire company first.

Just Hire will provide you with an all-inclusive price that covers delivery, skip hire and collection. We will always generate a quote before you have to commit to any skip hire services.

To get the most out of your skip hire experience, it’s important to choose the correct skip for your needs and budget. Look out for any hidden costs and save money by choosing the correct skip for the job. It is also worth mentioning the cheapest skip hire prices may not give you the best service. You get what you pay and it is better to choose the right skip hire company then the cheapest.

 Skip Sizes

There are a variety of different sized skips, from smaller skips like a 2-yard to large skips such as a 16-yard.

Skip sizes can range from:

  • 2-yard skip

  • 4-yard skip

  • 6-yard skip

  • 8-yard skip

  • 10-yard skip

  • 12-yard skip

  • 14-yard skip

  • 16-yard skip

  • > 16-yard skip will be a roll on roll off skip hire. 


The size of the skip you require will depend on the size and type of materials you intend to dispose of. A smaller skip would be perfect for soil, rubble and stones (due to weight limits) or garden waste, whereas larger skips are more suitable for lighter waste materials such as plastic, wood or mixed household waste. Choose the skip to fit the job, don't just order a large skip for the sake of it, save money with the right skip size. 

Skip Hire Duration 

Most hire periods range from one day hire up to two weeks hire, with additional costs for hire duration beyond this. However, many skip hire companies will also offer more flexible hire terms so it’s best to check with your local skip hire company first before committing to any hire period. It is important to remember that you must hire the skip for a period long enough so you have enough time to fill it up.

 At Just Hire, we provide our customers with a hire period that ranges from 1 day hire up to 14 days hire with no additional charges. We also offer flexible hire terms and can arrange one week hire extensions charged per week.

Skip Types 

Skip types should be though about before hiring a skip. When choosing a skip, you can opt for either a open or lockable skip. Lockable skips are generally used for materials that need to stay dry or to prevent people from gaining access to the contents of the skip. The lockable lids also ensure the safety of your contents.

Open skips are suitable for most types of waste but can also be enclosed if required. Encapsulated skips are perfect for keeping your waste contained and can be used for materials such as stones, earth or rubble. Skips can also come with drop doors, this is a large door at the end of the skip which can be lowered for easy access when filling the skip. 

It may be worth also thinking about the a wait and load skip. This skip hire service is for short term use and may be a skip type better suited to your needs. Always ask the skip company what types of skip they hold.

Skip Location

Before you hire a skip, you need to think about where you are going to position the skip. If you are placing your skip on private land, a skip permit is not required. However, if you are planning to place the skip on a public road, pavement or local council property, then it’s important to obtain a skip hire permit. These skip permits can be arranged by a skip hire company who will apply to the local council for your. 

It is fundamental you choose a location for the skip that can fit the size skip you have chosen. Obviously the larger skips will need a lot more space no just for the skip itself but also for accessibility on delivery and collection.

Also think about where the skip is going to be placed in relation to ease of filling the skip and if it may cause any inconvenience to yourself and others.  Think of any safety issues that may arise with the placement of the skip. Sometimes it really is about location, location location. 

Waste Type

When ordering a skip, you must specify what the waste you intend of disposing, as there are prohibited items that cannot be put in a skip such as paint, chemicals, medical waste and oils etc. These restricted waste materials will need to be disposed in a specialised manner.

However their are plenty of waste types that can be put in a skip such as mixed waste. This can include anything from furniture and carpets to green waste. Specify when ordering the type of waste you want to put in the skip. If you are unsure of what type of waste you can put in a skip, it’s always best to check with the skip hire company first for their restricted items. 

Skip Hire Summary

The key points when hiring a skip are:

  • Costing of Skip: what is the skip hire costs, depending on the size of skip, skip types and skip location

  • Size of Skip: what skip size do I need? the more waste the larger the skip required

  • Skip Type: Do I need an open skip? Do I need drop doors?

  • Duration of Hire: How long can I hire a skip? Do I have enough time to fill the skip?

  • Location of Hire: Is the skip going on council land? Do I need a skip hire permit? Is there enough space for

  • drop off?

  • Waste Type: What waste is going in the skip? Can it go in a skip?

Overall, hiring a skip is the perfect solution for disposing of large amounts of waste. By understanding your requirements you can ensure a stress-free experience.

Just Hire can fulfil all your skip hire needs, we have skip partners all over the UK with a variety of skip hire options available. Small skips to large skips, mixed waste to inert. We have you covered. Check all the skip hire costs before you pay with no hidden costs. Hire a skip today!

Author: Spencer Murphy

Date: 8/24/2022

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