How to Hire a Skip?

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Hiring a skip for the first time may be seen as a daunting task. In this article we will provide you with all the information you will need to make sure your first skip hire runs smoothly.

Know What Skip Size You Require

Firstly, when hiring a skip, you need to decide what size skip you will require. Skip sizes range from a 2-yard up to a 16-yard skip. The best way to decide what size skip you need, is to estimate the quantity of waste materials you are trying to get rid of. Do this by imagining how many black bin bags would be filled with the rubbish. Once you have estimated the amount of waste you can then select a size skip by our rough ratios below: 

2-yard: 20-30 bin bags

4-yard: 40 bin bags

6-yard: 60 bin bags

8-yard: 80 bin bags

10-yard: 100 bin bags

12-yard: 120 bin bags

14-yard: 140 bin bags

16-yard: 160 bin bags.

The second thing you will need to think about is how much space you have to place the skip. Each skip will have certain dimensions, so you will need to make sure you have the space to put the skip. We have produced a skip size guide which will go into further depth on this. 

Know What Waste Types You are Disposing Of

Secondly, when it comes to hiring a skip you will need to know what type of waste materials you are disposing of. This is because you will need to order a specific type of skip for certain waste. Please see below the types of skip that can be available:

Mixed Waste Skip: Can contain a mix of all accepted waste types.

Green Waste Skip: Only contain garden waste like: grass cutting, weeds, leaves and turf.

Hardcore Skip: Only contain bricks, rubble, gravel and aggregates

Soil Skip: Only for soil.

Wood Skip: Only for wood waste.

Household Waste Skip: For domestic mixed waste

Please be aware of waste types that cannot go in a skip. This type of waste is known as hazardous waste, we have written a guide solely on this subject: what can and what cannot go into a skip, please read this before disposing of any waste into a skip.

Know the Skip Hire Cost

So you may want to know what skip hire costs before starting your skip order. The best thing to do is to set a budget for your skip hire and stick to it. In general the larger the skip the more expensive it will be, for example a 2-yard skip will be significantly cheaper than a 16-yard skip. Prices can also vary skip hire company to skip hire company, so you can always shop around for the best price. Normally local skip hire from a company near your location will also be cheaper.

Your location can also play a huge factor when it comes to skip hire price. As a rough rule of thumb the south of the UK is more expensive than the north. In general the cheapest skip hire prices will be found in the northern parts of the UK. You also need to take into consideration any additional fees or "hidden costs". Things like a skip hire permit or if you need lights on the skip. Even extra days hire can cost more.

We have written a more extensive skip hire cost guide, which will take you through things in more detail.

Check if You Require a Skip Permit

You will need to decided if the skip will be placed on private land or on public land, like a public road. If you are placing a skip on public land or council land you will require a skip hire permit. This permit allows you to place a skip on a public highway. You will need to inform the skip hire company of your intention to place the skip on the road. The skip hire company will apply for the skip hire permit on your behalf, this application will require approval from the local council. Please bear in mind council permits comes at an extra cost and local councils can reject your application.

Determine Your Skip Placement

You will need to plan where you are going to place the skip. Skip hire companies will need to be informed where you want the skip placed, obviously before they deliver the skip. As discussed are you placing the skip on private property or do you need to apply for a skip hire permit, as it will be going on public land. 

You need to choose a site where you have access to the skip and where it will be easy for you to fill the skip. But it also needs to be easily accessible for the skip lorry to deliver and collect the skip. Choosing the correct location to place the skip can be a huge factor in making sure your skip hire goes smoothly, so have a long think about where you want your skip placed.

Plan Ahead for Your Skip Hire

You will need to choose a delivery date for your skip hire, it is advisable to choose a time when you will be in, this will allow you to have the skip placed exactly where you want it. You need to remember most hire periods are a maximum of 2 weeks, so make sure you will have enough time spare to fill the skip.

How to Order a Skip?

Now you have ran through the basics of skip hire above you can order your skip. You can either call up your chosen company or order on their website. In most cases you will choose your size of skip, the waste type, if the skip will be on public land, choose a delivery and collection date, give your details (such as address, name and contact number) and then you will pay. 

Ordering online is normally very simple and becoming the chosen method in this modern age. With many companies now using slick ordering software. But for those preferring the traditional method a phone call will also work too.

What is Included in a Skip Hire Service?

When you place your order for skip hire you may be wondering what is included in the price. The price covers delivery and collection of the skip. It covers the disposal of your waste which will include recycling and transport to landfill.

Author: James Duncan

Date: 4/20/2023

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