How Much is a Skip to Hire?

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When it comes to hiring a skip one of the first things most people ask is how much is it going to cost? Skip hire costs vary depending on a few components. In this article we are going to look at what factors effect the price of your skip hire.

These will include: 

  • Size of skip hire

  • Location of skip hire

  • Duration of Skip Hire

  • Type of Skip Hire

  • Skip Hire Permits

  • Additional Fees of Skip Hire


Size of Skip Hire & Skip Hire Cost

One of the most fundamental factors effecting the price of hiring a skip will be the skip size. Hire costs will increase as the size skip increases. Therefore you will save money if you go for a mini skip compared to a midi skip.

But always choose the size skip that will fit your skip hire needs. Bear in mind smaller skips may be cheaper than larger skips, however if you have lots of waste it will be more cost effective to hire one 12 yard skip compared to a few mini skips.

Different sized skips have their own advantages and disadvantages including their cost to hire. Make sure you you know what size you need!

Location of Skip Hire & Skip Hire Prices

Another element that effects the price of skips, is the location, where you are hiring the skip from. Local skip hire companies have a variety of prices depending on where in the UK you are based. For example skip hire costs in Cornwall are significantly more expensive then in Bedfordshire. Even within the same location one local skip hire company could be more expensive than an other.

A general rule of thumb is hire costs will be more expensive the further away from the skip company you are. If you are based rurally the skip prices will be much more than if you are a few miles away from the skip hire company. 

Always do your research on a skip company before hiring a skip, some may offer a very cheap rate but you may not receive the service you want.

Duration of Skip Hire & Cost

Most skip hire companies will offer 2 weeks hire period as standard inclusive of the skip hire cost. If you require longer than this hire period, you will be charged extra for it.

This additional cost will either be done by the extra days hire or extra weeks hire.

Type of Skip Hire & Skip Hire Prices

When hiring a skip you will may want a specific type of skip. This could include lockable skips, skips with drop doors or a plasterboard skip. Local skip hire prices will vary when it comes to these differing types of skip. Most will charge extra for enclosed skips, however drop doors normally come inclusive of the skip hire cost.

Plasterboard skips will have additional costs due to the restricted waste materials put in the skip and how this waste needs to be disposed of.

Skip Hire Permit & Cost

If you intend on putting your hired skip on a public road or council land you will require a skip permit from. A council permit will add to your skip hire costs. Council permits will vary in costs depending on location. Local councils can also reject any permit applications and no refund will be given. Most councils will take up to 7 days to process any permit applications.

If you are placing a skip on private land then you do not require permission from your local council.

Additional Fees of Skip Hire

When hiring a skip there are a few extra charges that can occur. Firstly, if you have put any prohibited items in the skip. These items will include any hazardous items such as medical waste or paint cans. If you put any restricted items in the skip you will be charged extra by the skip company

Secondly, if the skip company has come to collect your skip and they are unable to, you will be charged a wasted journey fee, which could be upwards of £120. Examples would include: blocking access to the skip, overfilling the skip and filling the skip above its weight limits.

Summary of Skip Hire Prices

If you are looking to hire a skip, prices can vary depending on a few factors:

  • Size of skip hire

  • Location of skip hire

  • Duration of Skip Hire

  • Type of Skip Hire

  • Skip Hire Permits

  • Additional Fees of Skip Hire

Make sure you choose the right skip hire company to get rid of any unwanted waste. Do your research and make sure they safely dispose of all collected waste and make sure there are no charge hidden costs.

JustHire offers a range of skip sizes at competitive prices. From small skips up to large skips. Enter your postcode, choose your skip, select your drop off and collection date.

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Author: Spencer Murphy

Date: 9/18/2022

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