Can a Skip be Lifted over a Wall/Fence?

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The answer is it depends. There are a few factors whether a skip can be lifted over a wall or fence. In this article we will look at these factors to see if it is possible for you. In most circumstances contact the skip hire service and tell them you need it lifted over a wall or obstacle, they will be able to let you know if it is possible.



Fence and Wall Size

The maximum height of a fence or wall that a skip can be lifted over is 4 feet. But to be on the safe side we would suggest the maximum height for a skip to be lifted over it 3 feet. 

Size of Skip

Smaller skip sizes like the  2 yard and 4 yard will be more easily lifted over obstacles compared to larger skips like the 12 yard and 14 yard. This will be taken into consideration by the skip hire company. So if you have to have the skip lifted it might be more suitable opting for a smaller skip size.

Skip Lorries Available

If a skip can be lifted over a wall or fence can come down to the skip lorries available to the skip hire company. Some skip lorries may not have the functionality to lift skips over obstacles there.

Skip Lorry Driver Experience

Whether the skip can be lifted or not can come down to the lorry driver. Some drivers will have more experience when compared to others and therefore can attempt to lift the skip over your fence. To reiterate ask the skip hire company before the day of delivery if the skip can be lifted, if they have a more experienced driver they will send them, which increases your chances of a successful delivery.

Getting Square to the Wall or Fence

When a skip is attempted to be lifted over a wall or fence it requires the rear of the lorry to be square with the obstacle it is being lifted over. If the lorry cannot get square to the fence or wall than in most cases a skip will not be able to be lifted over. 

Risk of Damage

When you request a skip to be lifted over a wall or fence remember there could be risk of damaging walls or fences. In most cases the skip hire company will accept no liability for this damage. So assess whether the skip has to be positioned over a wall. 

Alternatives to Lifting a Skip over a Fence or Wall

Instead of having a skip lifted over a wall or fence have the skip placed on a road. Placing the skip on a road will require a skip permit. Skip permits can be acquired from the skip hire company but it will be an additional cost. Another option is having the skip placed somewhere else on your property. A driveway would be a perfect spot for the skip, easily accessed no need to arrange permits and therefore will cost less. One last alternative is to opt for a wait and load service. Whereby the skip is delivered, waste is loaded in a 30 minute period and the skip is collected. The skip can be lowered onto a public road without a road permit.

Author: James Duncan

Date: 1/29/2023

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