What Makes a Great Skip Hire Service?

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Skip hire services are an essential aspect of waste management, offering an efficient and convenient way to dispose of large amounts of waste. However, not all skip hire services are created equal. A great skip hire service should provide a range of services, efficient booking, excellent customer service, clear communication, transparent pricing and great availability 

Easy Booking

When looking to hire a skip, you should be able to book it in under 60 seconds. In the modern era this should be done online with a slick online booking portal. It should be as simple as entering your delivery postcode selecting the size skip you require, the dates you require it and paying. This process should be extremely efficient and should not take any time out of your day. Now in the 21st century we should not be filling out online forms for call backs, we should be getting an instant quote for a skip hire service. 

The booking process should also allow for added extras, this could include adding skip permits to the cart, adding mattress disposal or WEEE waste disposal.  

Great Customer Service

Excellent customer service should be expected with any service, and this includes skip hire. If you decided to book a skip over the phone, you should expect a polite and knowledgeable customer service assistant to take you through your booking, answering any questions you may have along the way. 

You should be able to reach a customer services representative either by phone, email or live chat and have any questions or issues resolved within a reasonable time frame before during and after your skip hire. Good customer service can improve your skip hire experience, especially if there are any issues with delayed collection or deliveries.


When hiring a skip there are some things that you may want to change with the booking, therefore a skip hire service that offers some flexibility is a huge bonus. For example, you want to be able to change skip sizes pre-delivery if you realise you require a greater skip capacity. You also may want to change a delivery date or a delivery address. In certain situations, you may finish with the skip earlier than planned and require an early collection or you require a few extra days with the skip.

A good skip hire service should be able to make these amendments for you with no fuss. In most cases these changes will need to be asked for by contacting the skip hires customer service team either by phone or email. Certain skip hire services may be even more efficient and have an online "manage my booking" feature, which will allow you to automatically update your booking with any amendments you may have.


When you go to book a skip, you want to see how much it is going to cost. A good skip hire service will display prices online, with the exact amount you will pay. These prices online should include VAT and any extras that may be applicable. Any quote shown on screen should be the price you expect to pay at the checkout. You should be getting accurate instant quote from a good skip hire service.  

Great Communication 

Communication is key for a good service. An excellent skip hire service should keep in communication with you through your whole skip hire journey. Once the skip has been booked you should receive a confirmation email stating: size of skip ordered, delivery address, delivery date and the price paid. You should be sent reminder emails for the skip delivery date along with information about the types of waste that cannot be placed in a skip.

You should also be notified when your collection date is near, giving you enough warning to fill the hired skip. It should also notify you to make sure the skip lorry has access to the skip. You should receive a courtesy email to make sure the skip has been collected within the desired time frame. Communication also includes if anything may go wrong such as mistakes with delivery dates or collection dates. By letting you know at least you know why a skip has not been delivered or a skip has been delayed in been collected. 

All messages will keep you up to date with the service you have purchased. It will keep you in the loop and will allow you to respond with any questions you may have. The skip hire service should be providing you with all the information regarding the skip hire, so it all runs smoothly.


Reliability of a skip hire service is particularly important. If you have been told skip delivery is going to be on a specific date, then you expect that to be done on a certain date. You may take time off work to be at home for a skip delivery or you may have a specific schedule you need to stick to; therefore the service must be reliable and do what they say they will do.


For a skip hire service to be good, you need extensive availability of skips in a variety of sizes. Having good availability will mean you can book a skip when you need it, this could be tomorrow or in 2 months and dependent on the job at hand you may need a 2-yard or a 16-yard skip. 

In conclusion, a great skip hire service should offer a range of services, efficient booking, excellent customer service, clear communication, transparent pricing and great availability. Before choosing a skip hire service, do your research, compare prices, and read reviews from other customers. By choosing a superb skip hire service, you can ensure that your waste is disposed of without any hassle or stress

Author: Spencer Murphy

Date: 4/4/2023

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