How To Stop Other People From Using Your Skip

How to Fill a Skip

If you have hired a skip, there is nothing more annoying that people putting rubbish in your skip. It uses up space in the skip you have paid for, leaving you with not enough space for your waste. Also they could be placing hazardous waste into the skip, these waste types will be come with extra charges from the skip hire company and you may not find out until the skip has been collected. To prevent unauthorised skip usage we have accrued 5 tips to stop fly tipping in your hired skip.

1. Speak to your Neighbours

If you are hiring a skip and worried about neighbours placing rubbish in it, go speak to them. Politely ask them to not place anything in the skip. You could even be very generous and offer any spare skip space to your neighbours after you have finished with the skip, giving them a chance to dispose of any waste they have. Remember you have paid for the hire so do not feel awkward about communicating with neighbours.

2. Place the Skip in your Garden

If you can place the skip in your garden this will massively reduce the chance of people placing things in your skip, regardless if this is the front garden or the back garden. This may not be possible for everyone but even placing the skip on private property will reduce the chances of fly tipping in your skip.

3. Use a Skip Cover

A good tip to prevent unauthorised skip usage is to cover the skip when not in use. You can use a sheet of tarpaulin to cover the skip. This will deter people looking to dispose waste in your skip. Using a skip cover for when hiring a skip is a simple solution but highly effective.

4.Place the Skip Near Lights

Placing the skip near either street lights or motion sensor lights on a private property will be an effective deterrent to stop people placing waste in your skip. The light or motion sensor lights will spook any would be fly tippers.

5. Ask for Early Collection

One last tip is to ask for an early collection from the skip hire service. Once you have finished filling the skip, request collection ASAP. This will reduce the time anyone has at getting rid of rubbish in your skip.

Summary - Deterring Waste Illegally Being Placed in your Skip

By following these tips you can make sure your skip hire goes smoothly, stopping unauthorised skip usage from passers by, giving you space for your own waste. You do not need to follow all the tips, but whatever method you decide will help with your skip hire.

Author: Spencer Murphy

Date: 4/19/2023

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