How to Dispose of Tyres?

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Waste tyres are one of the biggest environmental problems in the UK. Each year, we produce around 1.2 billion waste tyres, and only about 20% of them are recycled. The rest end up in landfill, where they can take up a significant amount of space and release harmful toxins and other chemicals into the environment. 

If you have old tyres to get rid of, don't just throw them away. Below are a few options for tyre disposal.

Check to see if the Old Tyre can be Repaired?

If you have a punctured tyre, take it to your local garage and see if the tyre can be repaired before getting it disposed. This will save money as the repair will be cheaper than getting a new tyre fitted and it will be a better option for the environment as you will conserve resources. 

Have Your Garage Take the Old Tyres

If you're getting new tyres put on your car, chances are your local garage can take the old ones off for you. Most garages will dispose of the old Tyres properly – either recycling them or disposing of them in accordance with environmental regulations. This is a hassle free way to get rid of Tyres and know that they're being disposed of responsibly.

If you change your own tyres, you can always call your local garage and see if they will get rid of the old tyres for you. They may charge a small fee but you know the tyres will be diposed of in the proper way and wont impact the environment. 

Sell the Tyres

If you have Tyres that are still in good condition, you may be able to sell them. There can be tyre dealers out there or even call your local car dealerships. Tyre recyclers buy used Tyres and break them down into materials which can be reused for a variety of purposes. You could even look to sell the car tyres on a selling site like eBay or Facebook Market place.

This is a great way to make some extra cash and reduce Tyre waste at the same time.

Tyre Recycling

If you are unable to have Tyres taken away or sell them, the next best option is to take them to a your local recycling centre. Recycling would be the best way to get rid of your old tyres causing minimal negative environmental impacts. Many local authorities accept tyres for free, and will properly dispose of them in accordance with environmental laws.

Generally recycled rubber from the tyres can be used in a few ways: re treading of used tyres, production of new rubber products and produce energy. As you can see recycled tyres can have a multitude of outcomes. You can find your nearest tyre recycling centre by contacting your local council or local authority.

Repurpose the Old Tyres

Turn your unwanted tyres into useful stuff! Recycling tyres in this way is fun and useful. The tyre rubber is a very versatile material that can be used in a multitude of ways. Maybe used in play areas for swings. Old Tyres can be used as planters or made into outdoor furniture. Alternatively, scrap tyres can be up-cycled into art pieces or indoor decorations like wall hangings and rugs.

Not only is this a creative way to use get the tyres re used and recycled , but it is eco friendly and reduces tyres going to landfill sites. Don't see your unwanted tyres as waste products, see them as valuable resources

Waste Tyre Collection Service 

You can hire a waste collection company to dispose of the old tyres for you. They will collect the waste at the location you request and dispose of it in the proper way. This is a very convenient way to dispose of tyres! 

JustHire has partnered with a Waste Collection Service that can get rid of any unwanted tyres! 

Can I put Old Tyres in a Skip?

No, tyres are not allowed in skips (in most cases). This is because tyres are large, bulky items that can be difficult to dispose of and take up a lot of space in landfills.


Some skip companies will accept car tyres but you will be charged extra for each tyre. Depending on how many tyres you need to have disposed, there may be better options for you.


By taking the time to properly dispose of Tyres, you can help protect our planet and keep our uk landfills free from tyre waste. Whether you sell the tyres, repurpose them, or take them to a tyre recycling centre, there are plenty of ways to do the right thing and make sure Tyres don't end up in landfill sites.

Author: James Duncan

Date: 8/29/2022

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