How to Dispose of Toys

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If you have a pile of unwanted toys and games, its best to have a few options on how to dispose of them. Most of the options of disposal will depend on the condition of the toys. In this article we discuss a few options for toy disposal.

Sell the Toys

If your unwanted toys are in good condition then selling them could be a good option for disposal. List the toys on selling sites like eBay or Facebook Market place. You never know your old figurines or Lego could be worth something. Collectors are scouring the internet constantly looking for toys and games. So you if you have any unwanted toys list them before you bin them and earn a bit of money.

Give the Toys Away

See if you have any family or friends who could use the toys. Your loved ones may have children who could make use of your old toys. Much better for your family and friends to be given toys for free, rather than having to buy new ones. Your old toys could be the perfect gift for a young family. Being a parent can be expensive, giving your toys away can help them tighten their purse strings. 

Donate the Toys to Charity

If the toys are in perfect working order than donate them to one of your local charity shops. Your local charity shop will look to rehome the unwanted toys and any revenue generated will go towards a good cause. You will be getting rid of the toys and helping people in need. Always check with your local charity shop that they accept electronic toys before taking them. Some charity shops do but some do not. 

Recycle the Toys

If the toys are no longer in good working order take them to a local recycling centre. If the toys are made from recyclable materials like plastic, metal or paper they can be recycled, with the raw materials being re-used for other products.

If the toys have battery packs or batteries removed them before taking them to the recycling centre. These batteries will need to be disposed of differently. Recycling toys is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of broken toys and games. It prevents them ending up at landfill and making a real difference for the world. 

Repurpose the Toys

Look at the old toys and think "can they be repurposed for anything?". Lego could be used to make picture frames, old cuddly toys can be weighted to make door stops. Get creative and think what the toys can be reused as.

Can Toys be put in a Skip?

Toys can be put in a hired skip, as long as they are not electronic or contain batteries. You would put toys in a mixed waste skip. The toys would be taken to the waste transfer station and all the recyclable materials would be recycled. We would suggest looking at donating, selling or repurposing the toys before putting them in a skip. However toys can be put in a hired skip.



Author: Spencer Murphy

Date: 1/10/2023

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