How to Dispose of Old Tiles?

Pile of smashed tiles

If you have refurbished your bathroom or kitchen, you may be left with lots of old tiles or leftover tiles to get rid of. Floor and wall tiles will not be collected as part of your household collection. In this guide we take you throughs some tile disposal options.

Ask Friends and Family if they Could use Them

Before disposing of the tiles ask around and see if anyone is in need of tiles. Leftover tiles from a bathroom refit could be used by someone else for any household refurbishments. It will save a loved one having to buy new tiles for themselves.

Sell the Tiles

If you have leftover tiles you could list them on a selling site such as Facebook Marketplace or eBay. There could be someone in the local area who is in need of just a few tiles for some house improvements. This will mean more cash in your pocket and you have disposed of the tiles.

Check for any Local Community Projects

Before getting rid of any leftover tiles see if there is anyone in the community who may need them. Community projects are running all the time. Look out for art projects as the tiles can be used to make mosaics and other art pieces. Look to donate the tiles to people who could use them. 

Repurpose the Tiles

Before recycling old tiles see if you can reuse them. Broken tiles can be used for art projects like mosaics or can be used to decorate pottery. Old ceramic tiles can be broken up and can be used in plant pots. Place the broken tiles in the base of the plant pots before putting the soil in. This will help with drainage. Any left over tiles may come in handy for any decoration around the house, they could be used on the floors in the garage to make a wet room. 

Get creative and come up with ideas where old tiles can be reused, its a wonderfully eco friendly way to dispose of old tiles.

Take the Tiles to a Recycling Centre

If the tiles are broken or old take them to a local recycling centre. Most household recycling centres will accept old tiles in their rubble section. You will require a mode of transport to take the tiles to the local recycling centre. Please bear in mind the tiles will be heavy so may be worth asking for some help to carry them.

Taking tiles to the local recycling centre is the most environmentally friendly way of getting rid of this type of waste.

Can Tiles be Put in a Skip?

Whether it is old bathroom tiles, ceramic and porcelain tiles, marble tiles or floor tiles, all can be placed in a skip. Due to the size of skips such as a 4-yard, a large quantity of tiles could be disposed of.

Also if you are refitting a bathroom you can order a mixed waste skip. A mixed waste skip is versatile as you can put the tiles and other building materials in it, such as sand, plastic, dirt, mortar and rubble.



Summary - How to Dispose of Old Tiles?

When it comes to getting rid of old tiles don't just throw them away: 

1. Give the old tiles to friends and family

2. Sell the old tiles

3. Donate the old tiles to community projects

4. Reuse the old tiles

5. Recycle

Author: James Duncan

Date: 11/23/2022

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