How to Dispose of Gas Bottles and Cylinders

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If you have an empty gas bottle or gas cylinder, it's important that you dispose of it properly. If you don't follow the proper guidelines for disposal, you could endanger yourself and others. Gas bottles and gas cylinders should never be disposed in a normal bin, they need to be dealt with carefully due to the pressure inside. They may also still have a small amount of gas in them, which could be a fire risk.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to dispose of gas bottles and cylinders.

Is the Gas Bottle Empty?

To see if there is any remaining gas in the bottle, release the valve on the bottle slightly. If there is gas still in the bottle you will hear a "sshhhh" noise and will begin to smell it. If you are using the a gas bottle for your BBQ or stove top you will be able to tell when the bottle is empty as you will no longer be able to make a flame.

Where to Take Empty Gas Bottles?

Really there are only three options:

  1. Take the empty gas cylinders back to the gas bottle supplier

  2. Take the gas cylinders to available recycling centres.

  3. Have the gas cylinders collected by a hazardous waste disposal service. 

Take the Gas Cylinder to Gas Bottle company 

The best way to get rid of a gas cylinder is to take it back to the supplier that sold it. You can get the empty bottles or cylinders refilled with gas so you can reuse them or ask the gas cylinder company to take them. There they will either be refilled with gas to be resold or if cylinders are in poor condition will be diposed of, more than likely recycled.

 You should never attempt to refill an old cylinder or adapt one for a different purpose.

Recycle the Gas Bottles

If the gas bottle company is unable to accept your empty gas bottles, you should check with your local recycling centre. Recycling centres will store the empty gas bottles before finding where they can be reused or scrapped. The waste metal from the gas bottles can recycled and will be melted down for new products. Always contact your local recycling centre first, checking they recycle gas bottles. Recycling gas bottles is a great option for gas bottle disposal.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Service

You can hire a professional disposal service, that will collect the gas cylinders or gas bottles and dispose of them for you. A very convenient way to get rid of any unwanted cylinders.

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Can You put Gas Bottles in a Skip?

Categorically you cannot put a gas bottle in a mixed waste skip. This would be hugely irresponsibly and dangerous. If there is gas still in the canisters there is a fire risk. Also the gas cylinders are are pressurised and so if crushed could explode.

Key points of gas bottle disposal:

1. Never put gas bottles in the bin - (dangerous gases)

2. Take the gas bottles back to where you bought them from

3. Recycle gas bottles - take them to the local recycling centre

Author: Spencer Murphy

Date: 9/5/2022

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