How to Dispose of Carpet?

How to Dispose of Carpet

Carpet comes in many different shapes and sizes, from ornate rugs to industrial carpets to carpet tiles. When you need to get rid of it, carpet disposal can be a bit tricky. Let our carpet disposal guide explain all the options.

1. Sell or Donate

If your old carpet is in good condition, selling it is a viable option. List the carpet on various selling sites such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or Gumtree. Donating the carpet to charity is another excellent choice. Many animal shelters, for example, accept used carpets, which can be repurposed as animal bedding.

2. Carpet Retailer Removal Service

Some major carpet retailers in the UK offer a carpet removal service. This convenient option involves the retailer pulling up and disposing of the old carpet for you. The service is usually charged by the square metre of carpet being removed. Prices vary by retailer, so it's a good idea to contact them directly for specific rates. Some retailers may include this carpet removal service as part of the overall cost of fitting your new carpet, making the process even easier.

3. Hire Carpet Fitters for Disposal

When fitting a new carpet, consider having the carpet fitters take the old carpet away. Many carpet fitters offer this service for an additional fee, making it a convenient option to get rid of your old carpet quickly and efficiently.

4. Recycling Centre

You can dispose of old carpets at your local recycling center, where they will be properly recycled. To find the nearest household waste and recycling centre, contact your local council. Before visiting, ensure the centre accepts carpets. Consider how you will transport the carpet, as you will need a vehicle large enough to carry it. This method is often the most cost-effective, with the only expense being the fuel for transportation.

5. Reuse the Carpet

Instead of disposing of your carpet, consider reusing it. Old carpet can serve various purposes:

  • In the garden, to prevent weeds on paths or in vegetable patches (place it upside down and cover with bark mulch).

  • As cat scratching posts.

  • Cut into small squares for use as door mats. Be creative and find ways to repurpose your carpet before deciding to throw it away.

6. Council Collection

Some local councils provide a "bulky waste collection service" for old carpets. This service is available to householders in certain areas. Contact your local council to see if this service is offered in your area and arrange for the carpet waste to be collected and disposed of properly.

7. Waste Collection Service

There are rubbish removal services that can handle carpet disposal for you. These waste carriers will come to your location, collect the carpet, and dispose of it correctly. Hiring a van waste contractor is a convenient and hassle-free option for disposing of your old carpet.

Can you put carpet in a skip

Can You Put Carpet in a Skip?

Disposing of carpet in a skip can be complicated. Skip hire companies have varying rules regarding carpet disposal:

  • Some allow carpets.

  • Some permit only 10% of the skip's waste to be carpet.

  • Some do not allow carpets at all. If you plan to hire a skip and need to dispose of carpet, contact the skip company beforehand to confirm their policies on carpet disposal.

By considering these options, you can choose the best method for disposing of your old carpet in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner.  


Summary - Carpet Disposal

How to Dispose of Carpet

  • How to dispose of your old carpet:

  • Look to sell or donate the carpet

  • Carpet retailers can take it away

  • Let your carpet fitter take it away

  • Take the carpet to a recycling centre

  • Repurpose the carpet

  • Contact your local council for a bulky waste collection service

  • Hire a waste collection service

Author: Spencer Murphy

Date: 10/14/2022

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