How to Dispose of a Washing Machine?

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An old washing machine can be a bit of a hassle to dispose of, they are bulky items that take up large amounts of space and can't be taken by your normal weekly bin collection. 


But do not have your head in a spin, we have created a guide to help with the  different options available to you. Read on to see the different avenues of washing machine disposal. 



One Important Question to Start?


Before you dispose of any washing machines you need to ask one one question, Does it still work? (And have you disconnected the water supply?)



Disposal of a Working Washing Machine

Old washing machines still have value . If your old washing machine is in good working order, there are a few options that could work for you. These options are environmentally friendly and stop old machines from being taken to landfill sites, all helping the protection of the ozone layer.


They include donating to local charities, using local councils, selling the old machine, giving the machine away, washing machine recycling and collection of the old machine with delivery of a new model.



Donate it to Charity 

Donating your old washing machine to charity is a good option, you dispose of the washing machine and help out a great cause. Some charities will even come and collect the old washing machine for free, for example:


British Heart Foundation

British Red Cross



Other charity shops may take your old washing machine; however, you may need to drop it into the shop. We would always advise calling the local charity shop before trying to drop anything off. With all items that are given to charity shops there are certain criteria that must be met so please check with them first.



Council Reuse

Most councils offer a reuse service, this is offered for bulky items such as equipment and furniture. The council will collect the bulky item and it will be offered to someone in the community who needs it. The re-use option allows you to dispose of the old washing machine with little fuss and it can be offered to an individual who needs it.



Sell it

If your old washing machine is in a sellable condition, many people will take it off your hands and give you some cash for the pleasure. It can be sold across the multiple selling sites out there for example: eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, etc, list the item and select collection only.


You will have landlords looking for washing machines for their rental properties, students or just people who cannot afford a new one. Selling the washing machine is a great option for the environment and your pocket. One person's waste is another person's treasure.



Give it away 

Giving away your old washing machine is another way to dispose of it. Using the same methodology as selling it, but list it as £0 on selling sites. Freecycle is another great website where people give away items they no longer need, list the machine on there and people will approach you to collect it. You will be disposing the washing machine, helping the environment (by not taking it to the tip) and giving it to someone who needs it.



Let a Retailer take it

One convenient option if you have bought a new washing machine, is to have the retailer take the old one away. Many companies will include this option when they deliver the new machine. Some will offer the service for free however some will charge a fee, so best to check with them before ordering. Washing machines can be difficult appliances to dispose of. You should always look to recycle your white goods by giving them away as a priority rather then just getting rid of the old one.



Disposal of a Broken Washing Machine 

If your machine is no longer in full working order or is one of the older models it will need to be disposed of in a responsible manner as it is hazardous waste and it cannot be just thrown away. Options for washing machine disposal include: Recycle, Council Collection, Removal Company, Repair it!



Take it to a Recycling Centre 

Your priority should be washing machine recycling. Having the washing machines recycled  is the most environmentally friendly option of disposal. Go to your local recycling centre, here the washing machine will be broken down and the materials will be recycled. You can find your nearest centre by going to your local council’s website. 


Recycling is always a great option when dealing with waste and should be your first thought when things are going to be thrown away. Think Waste Think Recycling. 



Council Collection

If you are a householder, you can organise the local council to come and collect the unwanted washing machine. It is known as a bulky waste collection. All councils will offer this, but you will have to pay and prices can vary location to location. You can see what your local council offers by clicking here.



Collection Service

Have an easy life and pay for a washing machine collection service. A professional team will collect the old machine and dispose of it for you. This option will rid you of the appliance and all the hard work will be done by the company. This removal service will be the most expensive option but could be the most convenient process to get your old washer disposed. 


Just Hire has partnered with a WEEE Recycling service that will collect and dispose of your old washing washine!





Get it Repaired

One last option is to give your broken washing machine a new lease of life and have it repaired. New machines are not cheap so it could cost a lot less having one repaired rather then buying one. Even if you want to get a new machine, repairing the old one will enable you to sell it or give it away.



Can a Washing Machine be put into a Skip?

No a washing machine cannot be put into a skip. A washing machine is an electrical appliances and thereore must be disposes of as WEEE Waste. If you place an eletrical applaince in a skip, the skip may be refused collection or you will be charged an extra fee. 




When it comes to washing machine disposal it can be quite taxing. We hope our guide was helpful and gave you some useful tips when disposing of your old washing machines. Just ask yourself is it broken? before you start looking at your options.  



Author: James Duncan 

Date: 06/07/22




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