How to Dispose of a TV?

Old Tv

So you are looking at buying a new television set, but how do you dispose of the old tv? It is important to first distinguish if the old tv is working or not. If the TV is fully operational there are a few more environmentally friendly disposal options.

Disposal of a Working TV

If the television works, there are a few options on how to dispose of your TV.

Give it away

One great option it so donate the TV to someone or any local charities. See if you have any friends or family who may need a TV. Your old television might be exactly what they are looking for. 

Take the old TV to your local charity shop, you must check if they accept electronic equipment and electrical appliances first! One last option is to list the old TV on selling sites for £0 and collection only. Sites include eBay, Facebook Marketplace, gumtree or freecycle. Your old tech will be worth something to someone.

Sell it

If you want to earn a bit of extra cash sell the TV. Take some nice pictures of the TV set and show it is in full working order. Then list the television on sites like eBay, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. You can set the delivery option as "collection only" so the buyer has to come to you! A great option to make a bit of money and to dispose of a tv! 

Retailer Exchange

Some electrical retailers are offering discounts when buying their new smart tvs, when you exchange your old TV with them. Many companies these days are having to show they care for the environment. These retailers will recycle the TV for you, making sure no TVs are heading to landfill sites. 

A very convenient option for TV disposal when you are shopping for your new TV, you get a discount and get rid of the old one. 

Disposal of a Broken TV

If the TV is broken then there are a few options for old tv disposal.

Repair it

The reason the TV no longer works could be easily fixed. Find a local repair company or contact the retailer you bought the TV from. Getting the TV repaired could be a much cheaper option than buying a brand new one. If you intend to get a brand new tv anyway, repairing the broken television will allow you to sell it or donate it !

Council Collection Services

Many local councils will collect unwanted electrical items or electrical equipment from your property. Contact your local council and see if they could collect the broken TV. 

Household Waste and Recycling Centre

Take your TV to your local recycling centre. Here the tv will be recycled. TV recycling is a great way to dispose of a tv, better for the planet than it ending up at landfill. Always contact your local recycling centre and see if they accept electrical waste.

Professional Collection and Disposal Service

One last option is to have hire a company to come and collect the tv. This can be a very convenient option to dispose of your tv. You do not need to transport the TV anywhere and you know it will be disposed of in the correct way.

Can I put a TV in a Skip?

No you cannot put a TV in a hired skip. Just like any electrical item, TVs are seen as hazardous waste and therefore cannot be put in a skip. For TV disposal use the options above and not a skip. 

Summary -  How to Dispose of your TV

If the TV is Working:

  • Donate it: Give it to friends or local charities

  • Sell it: List it on selling sites

  • Exchange it: Get money off on your new TV

If the TV is broken:

  • Repair it: Get it fixed, cost effective !

  • Council Collect it: organise a collection by your local council

  • Recycle it: take it to a household waste and recycling centre

  • Pay for it: Hire a Television disposal service to collect the TV

When looking to dispose of a tv think, reuse, re sell, recycle!

Author: James Duncan

Date: 10/11/2022

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