Can you put a Mattress in a Skip?

Mattress in skip

It may be possible to put a used mattresses in a skip, though it may be subject to special rules or restrictions depending on the skip hire company. You should check with your skip hire provider before loading mattresses into your skip.

In most cases old mattresses will be an extra coston top of the skip hire, this charge can be up to £50 per mattress.

How to Dispose of a Mattress?

If your skip hire company does not allow mattresses in their skips  or charges to much, you need some options for mattress disposal.

It is important that you dispose of a mattress in a legal and responsible manner. We have complied a list of options on how to dispose of a mattress.

Sell Your Mattress

If your old mattress is not soiled and is in a sellable condition, many people will take it off your hands and give you some cash for the pleasure. Your mattress can be sold across the multiple selling sites out there, list the item and select collection only. 

Selling an old mattress can be the most cost effective method of disposal. You will have landlords looking for second hand mattresses for their rental properties, students or just people who cannot afford a brand-new mattress right now. Selling the mattress means you dispose of your old mattress and make some money win win.  

Give it Away

Giving away your mattress is another way to dispose of it. Using the same methodology as selling a mattress, but list it as £0 on selling sites. Set the title as "Mattress for free" to attract more attention. Freecycle is another great website where people give away items they no longer need, list the mattress on there and people will approach you to collect it.

You will be disposing the mattress, helping the environment (by not taking it to the tip) and giving it to someone who needs it.

Donate to a Charity Shop

Donating the mattress to charity is another great option, you dispose of the mattress and you are helping out a great cause. Some charities will even come and collect the mattress donations from you, please see below a list of charities that will collect your mattress free of charge:

  • British Heart Foundation

  • British Red Cross 

  • Emmaus

Other charity shops may take your old mattress; however, you may need to drop it to the charity directly (you will need a vehicle large enough to hold the mattress). We would always advise calling the shop to see if they accept mattress donations, some may only accept mattresses with the fire safety label still attached. With all items that are given to charity shops there are certain criteria that must be met so please check with them first.

Take it to a Recycling Centre

Taking the old mattress to a local recycling centre is another great option. Here the mattress will be broken down into its recyclable components (metal springs and synthetic layers) and recycled. You can find your nearest recycling centre by going to your local council’s website. You will need a mode of transport or car big enough to take the mattress to the recycling centre.

Taking your mattress to the recycling centre is good for you, stopping mattresses ending up at landfill sites.

Ask your Local Council to Collect the Mattress

If you are a householder, local councils offer to come and collect the old mattress. It is known as a bulky waste collection. Most councils will offer this service, but some councils charge and prices can vary location to location.

You can see request a council collect by clicking here.

Private Waste Collection

You can arrange for a private mattress collection service. This will obviously be more expensive then the council collecting the mattress but in most cases it will be faster. These companies will collect the used mattress and take it to a mattress recycling centre.

Please make sure when booking a mattress disposal service, that they are licensed to do so. Making sure they have a license will mean the mattress will be disposed of in the correct manner and no fly tipping will occur.

Just Hire have partnered with a waste collection service! To get quick and easy mattress disposal click the button below.

Have the Retailer Take the Old One

One convenient option if you have bought a new bed, is to have the retailer take the unwanted mattress away when they deliver the replacement mattress.  Most retailers will include this service when they deliver the new mattress. Some will offer the service free of charge however some will request a fee, so best to check with them before ordering. 


Check with your skip hire company if they accept mattresses. If they charge extra find out how much. If disposing of a mattress in a skip seems inappropriate then:

  • Sell it

  • Give it away

  • Donate it to charity

  • Take it to a recycling centre

  • Council collect

  • Have a retailer take it away.

Following these steps will mean you won't be stressing when you dispose of your old mattress. You will have a good night's sleep, knowing mattress disposal can be a dream.

Author: Spencer Murphy

Date: 6/30/2022

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