How to Dispose of a Fridge Freezer?

How to Dispose of a Fridge Freezer?

Getting rid of an old fridge freezer can be a tricky task. It cannot be taken by your weekly bin collection. Fridge freezers are therefore seen as hazardous waste.

Fortunately, there are disposal options available that are both eco-friendly and cost effective. Before looking at your fridge freezer disposal options you need to answer 1 questions: Does the fridge still work? 

How to Dispose of a Working Fridge Freezer?

With a working fridge freezer there are a few more environmentally friendly options of disposal.

Here are some ways to dispose of your old fridge freezer:

  • Donate the Fridge to Charity

  • Give the Fridge Away

  • Sell the Fridge

  • Council Re-use

  • Fridge Retailer Can Collect it

Donate the Fridge Freezer to Charity

Donating your old fridge freezer to a charity shop is an eco-friendly solution that can also help people in need. Many charities will accept electrical appliances, as long as they meet electronic equipment regulations. Some charities will even come and collect the fridge from you free of charge (very convenient).

If they do not offer this collection service, you will require a large vehicle to transport the fridge as they are bulky items. Always worth calling your local charity shop to see if they accept old fridges.

Give the Old Fridge Away

Another option to get rid of your fridge freezer is to give it away. You may know someone who is in need of a fridge, they might have just moved into a new flat that is not furnished. A new one can be an expensive appliance to purchase so this would be very cost effective for them and I am sure very appreciated.

You could also give away the old fridge freezer on websites like freecycle. You can list the fridge freezer on there and people will offer to come and collect it. Other websites also exist like eBay or Facebook market place, you can list the old appliance on there for £0 and you will have people who will happily take it away. 

Sell the Old Fridge

You can earn a bit of cash for your fridge freezer by listing it on the multitude of selling sites. Whether it is eBay or Gumtree, take some pictures and list it online. You can set the listing to be collection only which adds to the convenience. Selling will allow you to dispose of the old appliance and make a bit of money.

Council Re-use

Your local council may offer a re-use service. This is where the council will collect your old appliance and it will be offered to people in the community who are in need of it. It means the old fridge will be re-used by someone in need and it is not sent to landfill or the local tip. Contact your local council to see if they offer this.

Fridge Retailer Can Collect it

If you are buying a new fridge freezer, most retailers will offer to collect your old one free of charge. This is more environmentally friendly than options like landfill and generally the more convenient way to get rid of an old appliance. 

How to Dispose of a Broken Fridge Freezer?

Due to the harmful substances in fridge freezers they cannot be disposed of like household waste. They are also large appliances so can be a bit more difficult to get rid of.

For disposal of a broken fridge freezer the options you have are limited to:

  • Professional Disposal Service

  • Take it to your Local Recycling Centre

  • Council Collection

  • Fix it

Professional Disposal Service

If all the above disposal options do not work for you then it might be time to consider a professional removal service. They will come and collect your old fridge and dispose of it for you. This ensures the appliance is recycled in an eco-friendly way and that hazardous materials are not released into the environment. A very convenient collection service but you will have to pay a bit more for it.

Just Hire has partnered with a WEEE recycling service, we can arrange collection and disposal of any old fridge freezers. 



Take it to your Local Recycling Centre

Your local recycling centre may accept your fridge freezer. It is best to check with your centre before taking the appliance as not all recycling centres will take large electrical appliances. Here the freezer will be broken down and recycled. Most local tips will have a designated spot to place waste electrical appliances for recycling.

With this option you will need a larger vehicle to transport the fridge to the recycling centre. If you cannot reuse the item always look to recycle which is better for the environment. 

Council Collection

If you do not have any mode of transporting the fridge freezer you can organise a council collection. If you are a householder contact your local council and arrange a "bulky waste collection", this can be used for any white goods such as washing machines. Most councils will offer this service but you will have to make a one off payment and prices can vary depending on location.

Fix it

You may be able to fix the fridge by yourself. There are many online tutorials that can help you do this, however you must make sure you have the right tools and knowledge before attempting this. If all else fails call in a professional who will be able to assess the broken fridge and determine whether it is fixable or not. A fixed fridge can be used again or can be sold, being a more economical option. 

Can a Fridge Freezer be put into a Skip?

No, a Fridge Freezer cannot be put into a hired skip. Fridges contain harmful gases, making it hazardous waste. They are also electrical appliances which makes them WEEE Waste. If you place a fridge or freezer into a skip, the skip hire company may refuse to collect the skip or will charge you an extra fee. 


Overall disposal of a fridge freezer can be difficult, however there are many options available including giving away, selling, council collection and disposal services. Always see if it can be reused before it is disposed. It is important to consider the environmental impact when disposing of your fridge freezer and choose an option that is best for the planet.

Author: James Duncan

Date: 7/15/2022

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