Can you put Plasterboard in a Skip?

Plasterboard Skip

If you're renovating your home, chances are you'll need to get rid of some plasterboard waste. But can you just throw it in a skip? Read on to find out how to dispose of plasterboard.

What is Plasterboard?

Plasterboard, also known as drywall or gypsum board, is a building material . It is created from gypsum based materials (the inner layer) sandwiched between two outer layers of lining paper. Plasterboard sheets help give interior walls structure and stability that protect the inside of a room and provide a smooth finish for decorating. Plasterboard waste commonly accumulates with renovation projects and larger construction projects.

Why does Plasterboard need to be disposed of differently?

Gypsum based plasterboard is not like normal building waste. Improper disposal of this gypsum waste can create a large environmental hazard. When it becomes wet or is mixed with other biodegradable waste it can produce hydrogen sulphide gas. This hydrogen sulphide gas can then enter the atmosphere and cause damage to the environment.

Due to this plasterboard is seen as a hazardous waste and as of 2005 the environment agency has stated that no gypsum based materials or high sulphate bearing wastes shall be disposed at landfill. Overall, plasterboard needs separate disposal to household waste, garden waste, construction waste and all other biodegradable wastes. 

Can you put Plasterboard in a Skip?

The short answer is no –  plasterboard is some thing you can't put in a skip. It can not be mixed with other waste, as if it becomes wet, produces toxic fumes, as such has been prohibited by the environment agency to be taken to landfill. In general do not put plasterboard waste in skips!


Some waste management companies will allow for small quantities of plasterboard to be placed in a skip, for some where the construction waste contained less than 10%. However, it must be kept separate from the general waste and placed in bags.

In some cases you will also be charged more if you have plasterboard in the mixed waste skip. Large quantities of plasterboard in skips will be refused collection by skip hire companies or comes with a heavy fine. 

What about a Plasterboard Skip?

You can put plasterboard in a plasterboard specific skip. These skips are designed and built to safely store and transport plasterboards. This plasterboard waste can then be recycled. Recycling is the most environmentally friendly option of disposal as new sheets aren't having to be manufactured from raw materials. Remember no other waste can go into a plasterboard specific skip, it is important to keep the contents of the skip dry and away from any standing water.

Are there Other Options for Plasterboard Disposal?

Another option would be to pay a plasterboard recycling service. They will collect the plasterboard waste from the location and dispose of it for you.

We hope our guide helped with your plasterboard disposal. But best contact your skip supplier for their policies for plasterboard in skips.

Author: Spencer Murphy

Date: 8/18/2022

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