5 Advantages to Wait and Load Skip Hire

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Wait and load skip hire is a great waste management option. It consists of a skip being delivered to your location, you then have up to 30 minutes to fill the skip before it is collected again. Read on to find out the top 5 advantages of using a wait and load skip hire service.

1. Speed

A wait and load skip service is very fast. Your skip will be delivered, filled, and collected in under 40 minutes. If you are needing to get rid of waste materials in a short time frame a wait and load skip could be the perfect option for you.

2. Space

With a wait and load skip service the skip will only be on location for 30 minutes, therefore you will not have a skip taking up space on site. If you have limited space or require the space for other equipment during your project a wait and load skip would be an excellent choice.

3. Cost Effective

You do not need a skip permit for a wait and load skip. If you want to place a skip on a public road you will need to purchase a skip hire permit or road permit. With a wait and load skip no skip permit is required. Therefore, a wait and load skip hire service could save you money! 

4. Flexible

A wait and load service can be a very flexible waste management solution. You can select a range of skip sizes for the service. From small 2-yard mini skips up to 16-yard maxi skips. A wait and load service can be tailored to your waste management needs.

5. Convenient

Wait and load skip hire is a very convenient service. With traditional skip hire you will need to  organise delivery and call up for collection, which can take a few days. With a wait and load service everything is carried out the same day, so no waiting around waiting for skips to be collected.

In summary, wait and load skip hire provides a speedy, space-saving, cost-effective, flexible, and convenient waste management solution. Consider this option if you require quick waste removal without the need for a skip permit and value the flexibility of choosing different skip sizes.

Author: Spencer Murphy

Date: 5/15/2023

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