What to Do With Old Chargers/Cables

Old charger cables on wooden desk

At one time we all have had that draw filled with old cables and chargers. If you are doing a clear out it may be time to get rid of the bundle of electrical cables, but what can you do with them? In this article we go through some options on how to get rid of any old chargers or cables. 

Give the Old Charger or Cables Away

If the old cables and chargers are still working why not give them away to someone who may make use of them. Ask around family members and friends see if they could use your old phone chargers. Many people have the same brand of phones these days that have the same charging port.

Cables can also be used around the house, old HDMI cables can be used to hook up computers to TV sets or a game console to the TV. Aux leads can be used all the time to set up speaker systems. Before looking to dispose of unwanted chargers and cables see if someone else could use them first. 

Sell the Old Chargers and cables

One way to get rid of your outdated chargers or cables is sell them. They may be outdated for your new model of phone or laptop but they could be exactly what someone else is willing to pay for. Second hand chargers will be the fraction of the price of a brand new one. Some apple Mac chargers when bought new can cost upwards of £70. So there will be people out there that will buy your old chargers.

Furthermore some people like their older technology and might not be able to buy the charger or wire for their old device from a retailer. They may be on the hunt to keep their old tech charged.List them on selling sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace and feel good that the unwanted electricals are being reused and get a bit of extra cash for the pleasure. 

Can Charging Cables and Electrical Cables be Put in the Bin?

No, cables and chargers are electrical waste and cannot be placed in a general waste bin. electronic waste or e waste must be disposed of in a specialist manner.

Take the Charger to a Retailer

Some electronic retailers will take your old cables and chargers and recycle them for you. These retailers will take:

  • Rechargeable batteries

  • Wires

  • Cords

  • Cables

Do some research and see if a retailer offers this service near you. 

Recycle the Old Chargers and Cables

If the charger is broken or outdated and it cannot be reused recycling old electronics is a great way of disposal. You will need to take your cables and chargers to your local recycling centre, here they will have a recycling bin just for electrical products and electronic devices including electrical cables. Once processed the old chargers and cables will be stripped of their components for reuse. The main component stripped from cable recycling would be pure copper wire by removing the plastic coating.

Can Chargers or Electrical Cables be put in a Skip?

No, cables and chargers cannot be put into a skip. Any waste electrical equipment or electronic equipment is seen as WEEE waste and must be disposed of in a particular way so it can bed recycled.

When it comes to getting rid of chargers, charging cables or other wires treat them just like any other electronic device or e waste, think re-use, sell, recycle.

Author: Spencer Murphy

Date: 12/15/2022

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