Pros and Cons of Skip Hire

Pros and Cons of Skip Hire

Skip hire is a common method of waste management used by households, businesses, and construction sites alike. While skip hire offers many benefits, it also has its drawbacks. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the pros and cons of skip hire to help you decide if it's the right choice for your waste management needs. 

Pros of Skip Hire 

1. You Can Dispose a Variety of Waste Types in Skips 

When you hire a skip you can dispose of a lot of different waste types. This can range from hardcore waste to general domestic waste. You can also mix waste types with a mixed waste skip, which is very convenient when you need to get rid of a variety of materials. Skips allow you to get rid of whatever waste you may have and have an option for everyones needs. 

2. Skips Come in a Variety of Sizes 

When you hire a skip you have a multitude of options when it comes to size. Skips come in sizes ranging from 2-yards up to 16-yards and all the sizes in between. So if you have a small garden clear out you can opt for the humble, 2-yard mini skip, if you have a domestic project you can hire a 8-yard, large builders skip. There really is a skip size for everyones needs.  

3. Skips Come in a Variety of Types 

You can hire different types of skip dependent on the task at hand. For example you can hire a enclosed skip, which will keep the contents dry and away from the elements. There are lockable skips which as the name suggest you can lock, they are to keep people out of the skip. There are skips with drop-doors, these allow for easy loading of waste material into the skip. 

4. Skips are Cost Effective

Rather then paying for a waste removal company, you can hire a skip and place the unwanted items in there yourself. With skips you pay for the size of skip and not the weight, so in many cases can be a very affordable option. 

5. Skips Can be put on a Road 

If you do not have a driveway or private land, then you can hire a skip and place it on a public road. You will require a skip permit, these are easily obtained by the skip hire company who apply for the permit with your local council. 

6. Skip Hire is Eco-friendly 

When waste management companies collect your waste, they are required to dispose of it in a environmentally friendly way. Waste materials from the hired skip will be taken to a processing facilities where all recyclable materials will be separated and sent for recycling. 



Cons of Skip Hire

1. Skips can Take up Space

When you hire a skip, there is a requirement that you have space to place it. This can be a drawback for many people who do not have the space and therefore hiring a skip is not an option. 

2. You Cannot put All Waste Types in a Hired Skip 

Certain waste types, some known as hazardous waste, are not allowed to be put into a skip. These waste materials include: asbestos, batteries, electrical appliances, medical waste and upholstered seating. So depending on what waste you have, a skip may not be the best option.

3. Skips Comes in a Maximum Size of 16-yards

If you have a huge amount of waste to get rid of, skips have a maximum size of 16-yards, so they may not have the capacity which is appropriate for the job at hand. If you are about to undertake an office clear out or a large construction project a better option may be a RoRo

4. Heavy Material Cannot be Placed in Large Skips

If you have heavy waste to dispose of, it cannot be put in any skip size over 8-yards. In some cases skip hire companies will not allow any heavy waste in skips over 6-yards. So if you have a large amount of heavy waste to dispose of a RoRo may be a better option. 

Summary - Pros and Cons of Skip Hire

Like with everything in life skip hire comes with ups and downs, you need to look at these pros and cons and work out if skip hire is the best option for you and your project.


  • Dispose a variety of waste types

  • Skips come in a variety of sizes

  • Skips come in a variety of types

  • Skips are cost-effective

  • Skips can be put on a road

  • Skip Hire is eco-friendly 


  • Skips take up space

  • Not all waste types can be put in skips

  • 16-yards is the maximum capacity for a hired skip

  • Heavy waste can only go in a 8-yard skip and skip sizes which are smaller

Author: Spencer Murphy

Date: 3/16/2023

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