How to Dispose of Old Discs?

Old CDs

Have you got stacks of old cds taking up space in your house, but not sure the best way to get rid of them. Follow our guide on how to get rid of old discs, including CDs and DVDs.

Sell Them

The first thing to do with your old cds and dvds is to look at their condition. Do they still work? If they do and are in good condition, why not try and sell them! There are lots of selling sites online such as eBay and Facebook Market place. Earn some cash whilst disposing of any unwanted cds and dvds. There may be collectors or super fans of a certain band or tv series who want your cds and you may be able to get good money for them. 

There are also instant valuation selling sites such as Music Magpie and Ziffit. The process is very simple, download their apps or go to their website and using your phone scan the barcode of the cds and dvds. This will generate a price of your unwanted cds, you can then accept the value given. You then send them away to the company and get paid. Make money and get rid of cds and discs.

Donate Them

Another option on how to get rid of any unwanted cds and dvds is to donate them to a local charity shop. Charity shops will display the donated discs and sell them on to the public generating cash for good causes.

Think of family and friends. Ask around before getting rid of any discs, you may have their favourite album or one cd that completes their collection.

Recycle Them

If you cannot sell or donate the cds or dvds, recycle them. Take the old discs to your local recycling centre, where they will be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way and help the planet. Always double check with your local recycling centre that they accept old discs, dvds and cds.

Repurpose Them

One last option is to reuse or repurpose the old cds and dvds. Time to get creative and think outside the box. Old discs can be used to make hanging ornaments, they can be used to make picture frames, if you have cd cases from old music albums you can make a piece of art for the wall. You can even use old cds in the garden to deter birds. There are lost of ideas out there, but reused cds are better than thrown away cds. 

Can Old Discs be Put in a Skip?

Yes old cds, dvds and discs can be put in a mixed waste skip. They can be placed in the skip along with any mixed waste such as household waste. Once the skip has been collected the cds, dvds and discs will be sent through the sorting process and recycled. 


  • Sell the old cds and dvds, earn some extra money. 

  • Donate the discs to charity or friends and family, you could adding to someones collection

  • Recycle the discs, do not just throw them away.

  • Repurpose the cds, have fun with it and get creative.

By following these steps, you can dispose of old discs in a way that is both environmentally friendly and responsible. We hope this guide was helpful!

Author: Spencer Murphy

Date: 4/8/2023

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